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The Next Step to Justice Empty The Next Step to Justice

Post by Hoxton on Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:29 pm

The camera comes in to Reno’s own El Morado casino. We quickly pan through the building, watching people drinking, partying, and wasting away all of their money at the playing tables. We pan in to one table in particular, where we can see CMV Superstar Shay Hoxton with a still full martini in hand and a set of cards laying in front of him. The game: blackjack. In his hand we see two fives and a two. Shay grins at the dealer.

Hit me.

The dealer throws forward the top card: a queen.

Twenty two, the house wi-
Ah ah, watch this.

Shay cuts of the dealer and picks up the two. He slowly rips the card in half, and places it back down.

Twenty one, I win.

The dealer, annoyed, looks over at the nearest security guard. Before she can call the guard over, she spots a small golden glimmer in the side of eye. She notices a VIP pin on Shay’s red tracksuit, and is left to do nothing but sigh.

Correct, congratulations, sir. Would you like another hand?

Shay quickly looks at his phone and shakes his head.

Fraid not, I have some business to attend to. Do me a favor and cash these out for me, thaaanks.

He pushes the chips towards the woman and begins to walk away, pressing away at his phone. He takes one more look back at the dealer.

Go, I don’t have all day.

Hoxton continues to press away, and he brings his phone up to his ear. We hear a dialing sound, and Shay makes his way to a circular bar in the center of the casino.

Mr. Sukalov! I’m glad you got my message, I’ve been looking to talk to you.

Shay reaches the bar and leans up against the counter next to a clearly drunk man. Hoxton signals for another martini.

Isn’t it obvious? Good sir, I’ve been victimized!

With a smug look, Shay takes a moment to listen to Yuri Sukalov.

You heard me! Two weeks ago, in my match with Tyson Cage, I was attacked, yet Murphy just let the match on! When Chris Proudfoot attacked Daemon, Jason Spade was disqualified. Tonight on Genesis, when Flatters got attacked by Mr. Extreme, they disqualified Rob Cross. So why oh why is it that when I got verbally assaulted by Logan Hail, the match continued?


Hey, hey, no. When I was ringside to watch Logan compete, I did so out of support. Logan though, he deliberately tried to sabotage me! That idiot got himself distracted, and somehow it’s my fault? No, he’s petty, it’s as simple as that.


I want the decision overturned! I am rightfully 9-0, and I rightfully belong in the semi-finals for the Anarchy Championship Tournament! Tyson Cage lost in our match, at least he should’ve been! Yuri, you and I, we’re the good guys here! The good guys make sure justice always rises to the top.

As Yuri responds, Hoxton’s arrogant look slowly washes off his face and is replaced by a more annoyed one.

Look, I get it… besides, we wouldn’t want to take a payday away from Cage. I’m sure, you and I both know how important each and every paycheque is in this world. But…

As if on cue, Shay Hoxton’s signature smirk appears back on the gambler’s face.

...perhaps I’m simply not wording my side very well. I don’t know if you can hear it, but I’m not in the best place for thinking straight. How about this… I’m going to send over one of my associates to your office later today, and I’ll make sure he brings some rather convincing evidence with him.

The bartender comes over and hands Shay the drink he ordered.

Hey, I’m going to have to let you go for now, but consider what I’m saying. I think this could be a real win for the both of us! Mkay, a bye bye.

Shay hangs up and takes a sip out of his new martini. He winces and spits it back into the glass. He glares at the bartender.

Hey! This, this is awful! You should be ashamed!

He passes the drink to the drunk man next to him and pats the mans back.

Here, on me buddy.

As Shay walks away, the scene fades to black.

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The Next Step to Justice Empty Re: The Next Step to Justice

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:18 am

Great Promo.

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