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Post by Hoxton on Tue May 21, 2019 9:04 pm

The scene comes in to CMV Interviewer Lisa Evans, standing microphone in hand in the NGW hallways. We can tell because behind her is a catering table with the NGW logo above it, a female janitor sweeping up dropped crumbs and dirt. A small cheer is heard from the audience in the NGW arena, causing Evans to chuckle. Lisa looks into the camera with a million dollar smile and brings up the microphone.

Hello CMV Universe! I am Lisa Evans, and today I’m here with a very interesting addition to the NGW Women’s Division.

The camera pans to the left. There is nobody there. We then pan to the right, still nobody.

Mmh, not quite.

The camera snaps back to Evans, who begins slowly walks backwards. She continues until she reaches to sweeper in the background.

CMV Universe, please give a warm welcome to Ms. Janet Torre!

A very small cheer pops up, but mostly confused mumbles come from the crowd. Torre gives an awkward smile and waves towards the camera. Interestingly enough, she looks middle aged, small wrinkles all over her face. Lisa turns towards Janet Torre.

Janet, the NGW Women’s Division is currently one of the strongest in the world. With women like Amy Winters, Sony Octave, Akira, Kelsey Hayes, Amber Briggs, and so much more, what can   someone new to CMV like you do to make an impact?

Janet looks down, glancing at her dirty coveralls and her broom in hand, and chuckles softly. The crowd is silent as she leans towards the microphone and speaks in a horse voice.

I get what you mean, Lisa, but I don’t think “new” is the best word here.

Lisa Evans tilts her head just a notch.

See, me, I’ve been here since the very start of it all, I’ve just been in the background. Four years ago, when Dave Turner became the first ever CMV Undisputed Champion, I was there, cleaning up the mat after the show. When everyone was celebrating Xander Slate winning Money in the Bank at the first Ascendence, I was there, washing dishes from catering. When Ferocity was first announced - a show the revolutionized women’s wrestling - I was right there: cleaning the confetti off the stage.

Janet stand of straight and takes a step forward. Lisa raises the microphone up to her, standing about 5’9’’.

I’ve lived a long life, Lisa, a long and happy 42 years. All this time, I’ve been content with cleaning up after people. I like it when people can have fun, when they can be happy, but when it’s time to clean up the mess, nobody’s happy about it. That’s where I came in, the gal who saves the day, and I loved doing it. When I watch girls like Riley Van Wilson or Rose Beauchamp in that ring, working their tails off for the world to see, it really brings a smile to my face. They would wrestle, then I would come in and clean the mats, that way more people could do the wrestling and repeat the cycle. It was a perfect system.

Janet smiles, but slowly that smiles fades away, and she stares into the camera with dagger like eyes.

But recently, that perfect system hasn’t been so perfect. The NGW Women’s division, it’s gotten real dirty lately. Suddenly, we got people like The Osparkle Twins, going behind the back of Mr. Donahue to injure Riley Van Wilson, just to go and lose to the little Cute Squad. Suddenly, we’ve got people like Amber Briggs, walking out on matches where she don’t belong, trying to mess things up, just to fail anyways. Suddenly, we’ve got people like Ashley Rayne, who fought and fought and fought and fought to get to the top, just to lose it all in the blink of an eye!

Janet places her hand on the microphone and subconscious pulls it out of Lisa’s hand. The camera zooms in on her face, a fire starting to blaze. The crowd in the back similarly begin to heat up as well in response to this unexpected attitude.

For decades now, I’ve been content sitting back and dealing with problems in the behind, but I’m not content no more! I am pissed off!

The crowd loudly yell, “Pissed off!”

These girls have one job, and time after time they fail at it! It has been my passion to clean up the messes caused by other people, but when I look at the women’s locker room today, I see the biggest mess I’ve ever seen! Well you know what I say to that? I say no more! I am the top cleaner in this company, and I think it’s about time that somebody cleans up the women’s division!

The crowd cheer louder and louder. Janet tosses up her broom, catching it near the brush. She leans the broom against her shoulder, anger drenching her face.

These girls, they may look at me like some old lady, they may look at me like just a janitor, but to be quite frank none of that matters. When I step into that ring with whoever is brave or stupid enough, I can tell you what I will take them and I will take every single member of the CMV Universe and I will sweep them off their feet! So many people with so much dirty laundry, just letting it sit and fester all day long! I’ve got to these girls how to finish a job!

The crowd reaches their boiling point, erupting for Janet Torre. They begin chanting “N-G-Dub!” as loud as they possibly can. Janet, breathing heavily from her rant, looks down at Lisa Evans. The camera pans out to put both of them in shot once more. Janet quickly unscrews the brush off of her broom, leaving her with just a solid black metal handle. Looking at this new device, she smiles and walks into the distance, leaving a stunned Lisa Evans and a hot crowd. Focusing in on Evans, the scene fades to black.

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Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Wed May 22, 2019 2:29 pm

Awesome stuff. 👏🏼

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Cleaning This Mess Empty Re: Cleaning This Mess

Post by krzy on Wed May 22, 2019 7:46 pm

fun backstory, wonderfully written, nice gimmick
you're just

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