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Post by C9 Suntan on Fri May 24, 2019 11:35 am

*Xander Slate, fresh off of becoming the sixth ever CMV King of the Ring after an inspirational performance, heads through the curtain to the back where he immediately is greeted by Randy Borton and Chris Adams, whom he warmly embraces. The three hug each other and smile, wishing that their fallen brother could be there to see them now, just to make this moment a bit sweeter. "For Bob." exclaims Slate with a proud grin, "For Bob!" Borton and Adams respond adamantly. But this joyous occasion is soon about to turn sour as an uninvited guest, The Big Dog, Pierre Thompson, comes walking along, laughing at the sight before him.*


Now now now. Don’t stop on my behalf, I’m just enjoying the celebration guys. This is a great time right? Xander you just won King of the ring. Borton you are the brand new International Champion! I mean I did all the work in the match and you just survived but nonetheless you’re the champ. And Chris….. well at least you’re pretty right? I’m sure Ol Bobby Boy is jumping for joy right about now. Well hopping. More like limping, gimping, possibly crawling. Something like that.

*At the mention of Lugers name Kliq start to close in on the Big Dog who puts his hands up in front of him*


Woah guys I’m just messing around. Regardless of how crippled Bob is you guys should still celebrate while you can ya know. It’s a rough business. Slate has an upcoming title shot and Borton has to defend his title soon, and at any moment one of you could have an accident and be laying next to Bob in the hospital. I don’t want to take away anymore of your time so I’ll just say I’ll see you later.

*As Thompson walks away from the group the trio turn back to each other. With the mood spoiled, after a quick conversation the trio say their goodbyes for now as Slate has an interview that he is most likely late for. But as the camera is following Xander to the interview location a thunderous crack is heard off screen, followed by another. The token cameraman sprints to the sound and is met with the sight of Randy Borton and Chris Adams laid out on the ground with Pierre Thompson standing over them with a steel chair. Borton begins to try and stand up only to be met with another violent chair shot which flattens the International Champ. Pierre lays the chair on top of Bortons skull looking to do more damage but then looks over to see Chris Adams who has somehow made it to his feet. Being dazed but seeing his Kliq brother laid out causes the Pretty Boy to charge Thompson. Unfortunately for Adams the Big Dog was able to see the attack coming and caught Adams in mid-charge. Pierre then lifts him high into the air for the Highlight and brings him down with tremendous force. The back of Adams head bounces off the concrete with a sickening thud. As Pierre stands over the unconscious Adams a sadistic smile creeps across his face. He takes the chair off of Borton and sets it up next to the fallen Adams. Slate at this point has come running around the corner only to see Adams fall victim to another highlight, only this time he lands directly on the chair, crushing it and sending a leg flying towards the cameraman. Xander sprints to try and help his brothers but as he reaches Borton, Thompson has already stood up and looks directly into the eyes of the OG Dirty Heel”


I will be dealing with you soon enough old friend…

*As he says that last sentence Pierre then retreats and walks out the Camera view as EMTs and medics come rushing to attend to the fallen Kliq members. Borton is just now coming to but Adams isn’t as lucky. A pool of blood has formed around the his skull as he lays unconscious. The scene fades with Xander staring in the direction that the Big Dog retreaded to with a look in his eyes that we have never seen….*

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