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Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:17 pm

Following a gruelling encounter between Shu Rong and Janet Torre, the women’s division newest competitor wastes no time in acquainting herself with the blue brand's native anarchists as Amy Winters & Co launch another attack on a vulnerable and disadvantaged Rong. The Osparkle Twins, Katie & Kasey lift up Rong abiding by their leaders demands who is directing traffic as per usual as oppose to getting her hands dirty. Unsurprisingly, The dirty work is left to ''The Cleaner'', Janet Torre who looks to live up to her nickname as she tucks the lifeless Rong between her legs and delivers a ring-shaking Powerbomb. It’s lights out for Shu and these frequent assaults are what the CMV Universe have become accustomed to. They don’t even Boo or Jeer or voice their displeasure at these sick acts of violence anymore. It’s become all that familiar.

Amy Winters:
You’re in over your head. One fluke and you think you’re a world beater. Well consider this your reality check kid. Lightning dosen’t strike twice. Consider this a lesson in a RESPECT. You see for months people have asked what sparked this change? What inspires these attacks? What common bond brought all of us together and I’m finally here to tell you. It’s because for far to long I’ve been overlooked and overshadowed. Without a SHADOW of doubt, Iam THEE most underrated “VIXEN” in this company’s history. On Ferocity, you know to a degeree I could understand it, that roster was the most illustrious, thriving and competitive in this industry but HERE HERE I should be treated like ROYALTY.

All these ROOKIES should bow down and worship one of the stalwarts of the brand that revolutionised Women’s Wrestling. IF IT WASNT FOR ME, KRISTEN PAGE, ALLY CAGE, LEXIN DAMJEN...The Riley Van Wilson’s and the Shu Rong’s of this world wouldn’t be here today in NGW and these three women stood beside me are the few women who both know that and RESPECT that which is why they see it there DUTY to give something back to me in return. A Receipt if you will. But you want to know what separates me from Lexin Damjen & Kristen Page it’s the fact that I out the good of my heart I took a significant paycut to come and lend my knowledge and experience to the next generation when the rest stuck their nose up at the prospect of being under a ''developmental'' contract and seeked work elsewhere. Only for me to be overshadowed, overlooked ONCEMORE and put in a makeshift team a matter of weeks later because Ken Donahue couldn’t deliver on his promises and had no ''immediate plans'' for me. . Imagine that. No direction. No plans for one of THEE most DECORATED women in this company’s existence.

Consider this is a firm message from the four of us to everyone back there. The Four of Us have NO IMMEDIATE PLANS to stop this. Riley Van Wilson wasn’t a one off occurrence this insurgent series of attacks continues till everyone last one of you respects those who set THE STANDARD.

Winters drops the mic as The Osparkle Twins retrieve a table from under the ring. Amy Winters froths from the mouth savouring in Rong’s suffering and conveniently now she’ll pick up the scraps and get physical. Katie & Kasey once again pick up the motionless Rong and feed her to Winters who applies a single underhook, looking for her patented “Killer Queen DDT” through the table. If this connects it could be a short-tenured career here in NGW for the Chinese Superstar BUT WAIT A MINUTE, THATS RILEY VAN WILSONS MUSIC!!!!

An ENRAGED Wilson rushes down the ramp equipped with a Steel Chair looking for vengeance against the women who sidelined her with injury and cost her the NGW Women’s Championship. The Osparkles & Janet are quick to retreat but Winters, arrogant as ever stands her ground and she pays the toll as Wilson swings widely CRACKING Amy over with head with a ruthless Steel Chair shot.

Janet Torre & The Osparkle Twins have seen enough already and look to save themselves from being completely embarrassed, sprinting back down to the ring but Wilson isn’t stupid. She rolls under the bottom rope and hops over the barricade grinning cheek to cheek as she got some of the #PolishRevenge she had been promising. ''RVW'' Mouths the words “You’ll get yours next week” in the direction of a flabbergasted Janet Torre & The Osparkle Twins as NGW cuts to a commercial break.

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