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Post by KrisSully on Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:06 pm

As Barron Blade stands over Kris Sullivan, covered in blood, the Armbar Society joins him in the ring, providing Blade with a mic

Blade: Sully, Sully, Sully... If only you would've listened to me! If only you would've let it go! If you had let your brother go... You think you're anyone without me? ME?! You're not a Champion. You're not a winner. And WE just showed that. You'll never be as great with Willie, as you were with me... So yes, I hired Bolek to attack Willie. I orchestrated this whole thing. Because you turned your back... ON ME! ME! WITHOUT ME YOU WOULD'VE NEVER BEEN U.S. CHAMP!

Kris is now struggling to lift himself to his feet, the brutal match clearly taking its toll. Blade stands over him, urging him to his feet, waving "c'mon" but before Sully can get there, Ried hits him with a vicious bicycle knee across the head as Blade laughs. From outside Willie slides in and gets a good forearm hit to Blade before being taken down by Bolek.

Blade: And you... You just wouldn't leave well enough alone. You're the one I feel the least bad about breaking. Just like your brother, and hell, even your "brother" Kevin, all of your shitty career has been clawing for failure at every turn. So now... Now... I get to have some real fun... Ending the B...R...C... Because it's D-d-d-dead!

Now both Ried and Bolek lock in their their holds trying to ripping the arms out of their sockets as Blade soaks in his victory.

The crowd now explodes, as Championship in hand, the final Alpha World Champion Kevin Silva and Saria both appear on stage. Silva rips off the belt hands it to Saria and beelines it for the ring, as they realize what's happening, Bolek, Ried and Blade all exit the ring, realizing they're in no condition to match him at current.

Saria now walks down and slides into the ring, holding the Unified Heavywieght Title, and starts to grab Willie, helping him up, as Kevin grabs Sully. Once both men make it to their feet, they realize who is helping them, and Kris pulls away from Kevin. Both Sully Bros, hurt and confused do a half huddle, the crowd now chanting "BRC B-BRC" Saria then gestures to Silva looking to say "Well go on" as Silva throws up a "Too Sweet".

Willie smacks Sullys arm then moves in connecting a "Too Sweet" of his own. The crows now dead silent looks on in red hot anticipation. Sully then looks towards the stage, where Blade and the ArmBar Society are standing, and throws up a "Too Sweet" joining his brothers center of the ring, and the crowd erupts once again, "BRC B-BRC" now all three men stand tall facing down the formidable foes on the stage.
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