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Post by krzy on Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:26 pm

When Angel’s music hits the speakers, the crowd reception rivals his UnMatched days where just about everybody except for Jaime, Chris and Oliver considered themselves major Brett Angel fans.

In just a few short weeks, the thought of Brett Angel and Shay Hoxton squaring off has gone from simply an interesting match up within a show packed with several interesting match ups, to one of the most emotionally taxing rivalries CMV has ever seen. Emotional haymaker after haymaker has been thrown, taking its toll on both men. However, while there are certainly those who agree with Hoxton--men and women and children who want nothing more for the old, happier-ish, Brett Angel to wash up on their shores again--there are also those who have gone through their own struggles who empathize with him.

Those who have lost and who have longed. Those who marveled at their ability to take that one precarious step forward and wondered where they got the strength to do so. Those who watch now as Angel walks onto the stage, a distant look in his eyes, microphone in hand, lips twisted down in a frown. He taps the microphone into his palm, undecided on what he’s going to say and how he’s going to say it.

Before he gets a chance to speak, the people start chanting his name--a ripple that flows into a crashing wave of deafening noise.




On repeat, letting the man know that no matter what Hoxton thinks, there are plenty of people willing to walk by Angel’s side through the blackest of nights. Finally, Angel lifts the microphone up in front of his mouth. He takes in a deep breath and holds it--a calming breath that evens out the words he speaks, keeping a mystery whatever emotions tug at his heart.

These past couple of weeks I’ve been poked at and prodded and pushed in ways that I’ve never seen before. Shay Hoxton has both awoken a side of me I didn’t know existed and a side of me I had hoped to never meet again.

A malicious side.

A spiteful side.

A weak side.

The moment I put down the boxing gloves and laced up a pair of wrestling boots, I knew that there would be a big, bright bullseye on my back with Rosemary’s face in the center. It wasn’t a matter of whether or not it’s the nature of this business--it’s the nature of man. Full stop. There are people in this world who let jealousy fuel their actions. When they see you rising above them, actually going somewhere with your life, and they know you have a weakness, they gun right for it in a petty attempt to rip out your foundation from under you. Why? Because they’ve peaked. They’ve peaked, and all they can hope to do is bring you down to their level.

Angel scoffs.

For so many years I was so used to being the one they took the shots at, the one whose weakness they tried to exploit more times than I can count, that I didn't realize I had crossed the line until it was too late.

I won't lie and say that I didn't mean what I said. You came out here to preach to the crowd that Brett Angel was a shell of he used to be. "What happened?" You asked. "Who even are you anymore?" You demanded. Until I decided that if you were really a fan of mine, and looked up to me the way you said you did, that the only way to understand what happened to me was to make you feel what happened.

Angel clenches his jaw, his gaze gone cold.

You didn't like that did you? It hurt in a way few things could--trust me, I've been there. I won't lie and say that it didn't feel good to see your visceral reaction, to hear the raw emotion in your voice. Like a boxer, you thought you had me on the ropes. You were so focused on what you thought was certain victory, you never saw the haymaker coming. You acted so smug and so superior, bashing me for not taking the worst the world has to offer and not shrugging it off like I'm some kind of goddamn cartoon character.

This is real life, Shay, and last week you saw that the man you used to watch on tv is flesh and bones just like you. And whether or not you like the man you see in living color, the things that made me who I am run more than skin deep.

Angel pauses for a moment, deep breaths going in and out of his lungs as he gathers his composure.

Broken people try to break people, it's a vicious cycle and which one of us stand on which side of the line remains to be seen. What I do know for certain is that I can't lie and say that I regret what I said. But what I said made me a hypocrite, and there's nothing I despise more than a man who doesn't stand by his word.

So I apologize, Shay. There's a time and a place for brutal honesty and last week was neither one of those things. I shouldn't have tried to use your mentor's struggles against you because that's something out of your control. There is never a moment when it's okay for someone else's failures to be thrown in your face.

See Ascendance, though. You choosing to cross paths with me was very much something in your control. And what happens to you on that brisk night in Chicago? That's not something I plan on apologizing for. There comes a point when—


Boos fill the air as King Slate's fury rips through the somberness like a hot witcher's sword through the flesh of a nekker. Slate storms onto the stage as though Angel weren't there and continues his verbal tirade.

I spent an entire night in jail with the grime and the filth in the world because of YOU, Luger. Instead of just one of you, it was like being stuffed in a box with a half dozen of you. It took every fiber of my being to not to beat the holy hell of them because I'm saving my best and my WORST for you, you cretin.

Angel has an amused expression on his face as he watches Slate carry on.

You know, you're not gonna win him back calling him all those names.

Slate's head whips around as he acknowledges Angel for the first time.

Oh, I'm sorry--did I interrupt your weekly sob story? Let me guess, you were about an hour into telling a gut-wrenching tale about how you stubbed your toe when you were seven years old, and had to get your whole leg amputated and now you wear those godawful pants because you just can't look at yourself in the mirror and face who you are.

You can shove a sock in it! I'm out here to broadcast my REAL issues with Bob Luger. Why is he even allowed in the building? Why is that menace still employed? He attacked me on PRIVATE property in the middle of my radio interview, STOLE my crown and then MELTED it! That has to be a crime, but instead he gets away with it because he's tricked you absolute buffoons into thinking he cares about anyone but himself!

Slate unleashes a guttural cry of frustration.

Luger got to have all the singles success while I was stuck chaperoning Borton. What happens the moment I earn some success? The moment I become King? He comes crawling out of the woodwork acting like I owe him anything when it's HIM who should be thanking ME for every damn thing he's ever earned in his career! Without Xander Slate there would be no Bob Luger, but without that deadweight Luger, I'm better than I've EVER been.

Angel laughs a little too loudly. Just enough to interrupt and annoy Slate.

For someone who wants to stand there and say I'm repetitive, you sure do have a knack for playing the victim every chance you get. I suppose the only difference this time is that you're a pathetic King this time around, not just human being. Answer me this: when Bobby beats your ass--and I'm confident that he learned enough from me to do just that--when he beats you, and you have no choice but to knock some sense into the Big Dog to make yourself feel better...will it be Pierre's fault that you've always been good, but never quite good enough?

Now it's Slate who can't help but laugh.

Oh, give me a break! When was the last time you held a World Championship? Ten? Twenty years ago? Is CMV's biggest has been really the man who should be lecturing me about my career? Do I need to remind you who EMBARRASSED you in the first round on my way to winning the tournament? Why don't you answer ME this: was that better or worse than when you lost to a literal CLOWN in the first round all those years ago?

Don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question because nothing that comes out of your mouth is ever worth listening to. Except for one thing. You said you hoped that Luger learned a thing or two from you...well I'm hoping for the same thing. Yeah, I'm hoping he learned how to bow to his betters and apologize for being a bitch and a coward.

The anger is burning in Slate's eyes. As he slides into the ring, in an attempt to take over the segment all together.

I want you to come out here and say that you're sorry for wasting my time, for blaming me for your failures, and, most importantly, FOR MELTING MY CROWN! And if you convince me that you're sincere enough, then, and only then, will your King consider showing mercy and leaving you with some semblance of a career after I'm through with you at Ascendance.

Xander’s eyes remain focused on the stage, while he bravely keeps his back turned to one of his all time greatest rivals. He shakes his head with utter disgust as he watches his former brother and the man who’s caused him so much pain these past few weeks come walking out on the stage with a wide smile on his face. Bob obviously finds Xander’s demands comical as he holds back laughter on his way down the ramp. As he enters the ring, Xander takes a few steps back.

You really are one delusional son of a bitch aren’t you? I can beat you up and down the streets but I will never be able to stop you from coming out here and running your mouth, right? I get that, because that microphone is the only thing that keeps you whole. You always gotta have something to say don’t you? Talking shit to anybody who’ll listen. Preaching at the top of your lungs that you’re a superior. When really, you’re a little baby back bitch who’s gonna get what’s coming to him. All these holes you’ve dug, you were always bound to fall in one. And now I got you right where I want you. When I returned and cost you your little grudge match, that was the bottom of the coffin being built. Last week when I melted your crown and beat your ass, that was the walls. And at Ascendance, i’m building that lid, so I can close it and BURY YOU beneath my feet where you belong!

You really thought I'd come out here and apologize to you for everything? Do you even hear yourself speak? Angel here got something right-- by the way, hey Brett-- he said that when it’s all said and done you’ll just turn on Pierre. That’s what you do. You’re a parasite, you HAVE to feed off of somebody else to survive. I may of been that guy at one point, but I didn’t make a career off of it. You’ve been in group after group after group. At the end of the day, you’ll always be a coward who’s too afraid to fight by himself. Hell, I’m surprised Pierre hasn’t stuck his nose in this fight yet. But, it wouldn’t matter. Because nobody could get in my way of doing what I gotta do to you. Not Pierre, and no, not even you Brett.

Brett lets out a slight chuckle under his breath as Luger continues. Looking back at Slate who’s frozen in anger, still letting Luger’s words sink in.

It’s not about winning or losing for me. Not with you. It’s about avenging my brothers. It’s about fulfilling a promise. It’s about finishing what YOU started. Because you see, you’re not just another opponent to me Slate. You’re a scab. A scab I gotta peel off so I can finally heal. Then, the aftermath will be where I continue my story. My legacy of becoming the best this company has ever seen. Which means-

He turns back to Angel.

I’ll eventually meet you across this ring again. Don’t think our story ended with you pinning me because our story hasn’t even gotten past the first page. I-

Shut the hell up! I’m getting sick of you thinking you’re better than me. Have you ever even COMPARED our records? I’m Tom Brady and you’re Dak. You will NEVER be on my level. Neither one of you. I’m the KING-

With what crown?

I’m gonna kill you!

With that Xander steps forward, but his motion comes to a halt as another theme hits the PA System. Shay Hoxton walks onto the Supremacy stage, microphone in hand. He stares straight through Luger and Slate, eyes locked on the Fallen Hero.

You, you’re trying to apologize to me? After weeks of pointing fingers and hiding from reality, now you-

Shay stops and breaks composure.

No, I’m sorry, but what the actual blue hell is going on here?

Shay swings his hand up at Xander Slate.

Why are these two here? This is between Angel and me. Not you!

He moves his hand to Bob Luger.

And certainly not you!

Shay walks down to the ring, rolling inside. He, Slate, Angel, and Luger are stand facing off from one another.

You’re supposed to be gone. Retired. Buh bye! Why are you back? You back for him?

Shay points and Slate, walking closer towards him. Angel circles around Shay, being closer to Luger by default.

You back because he attacked your brothers? Well I’m sorry to break it to you, but they’re big boys now, they don’t need you anymore. Ooh, ooh, or maybe you’re back because Slate insulted you? Is that it? Did you lie to all of your fans, crush your integrity, all because of a fragile little ego? Is that it?

Shay glances over at Brett Angel, the two’s eyes lock.

I can see a theme here.

A smile grows on Xander Slate’s face. He raises up the microphone, but Hoxton catches it with his hand and pushes it back down.

How about you just shut your mouth for one moment, alright? Don’t think I’m stupid, don’t think I’ve forgotten. This problem, this problem between me and that thing pretending to be Brett Angel, don’t forget that you were one of the first guys to break him. You corrupted him, and every drop of disappointed that he’s ever rained down on me and anyone who’s ever chanted his name is partially your fault.

Shay gets ever so closer to the King.

Well don’t worry, I always pay back what’s owed. I will admit any day of the week, I’m a bad guy, an awful guy! But you? You’re just a dick. A phallic little snake.

Shay whips back to Luger and Angel.

And yet somehow, somehow! Between you three, the snake has the most integrity out of all of you! He’s a snake, but he’s never pretended not to be! He didn’t lie to his fans, and he didn’t stab them in the back either!

Shay pauses, staring at Angel one more time. The world seems to disappear in Hoxton mind, leaving nothing but him and his former hero.

And he didn’t try to run away. Who do you think you are to apologize to me? I see through your lies, Brett. I see through you. You whined about your scars, just to cut me in mine. Now, here you are, trying to run away without consequences. I knew you weren’t really Brett Angel, but I honestly never believed you’d be a coward too. Isn’t there just a shred, a single shred of him left? The absolute worst part of it all is that you have the nerve, the nerve, to lie to your fans again! You hide your cowardice as an apology, trying everything you can to save just the tiniest of face. You’re a manipulator, but we aren’t your cattle anymore you treacherous leech!

Angel walks toward Shay, but is met when the gambler spits in his face. The crowd goes silent, watching as the two men go face to face, more combustible than ever before. Bob Luger walks over to separate the two, but is pushed back by Xander Slate. All four men push against their rivals, ready to explode.

The crowd heat up, waiting to see what will happen next. Shay Hoxton strikes first, kicking out the knee of Bob Luger! Angel expected a cheeky strike, but he wasn’t expecting that. Falling for the diversion, Hoxton sends a back elbow to Angel’s face, and him and Xander Slate begin attacking the two heroes. Slate holds down the prone Luger, delivering shot after shot to the back of his head. Luger took Slate’s crown off his head, now he will take all of Luger’s! Hoxton meanwhile grabs Angel into a rear naked choke, drawing out his suffering. He leans forward, shout insults at the Outcast. Doing so loosened his grip, a foolish move against a veteran. Angel grabs Hoxton by the legs, picking him up and driving him straight into the corner.

Luger, dazed from the attack, keeps his arms up in defense while Slate yells out his frustrations. However, in an instant Luger snaps back and throws Slate off in order to give him time to recover. Slate gets to his feet first while Luger uses the ropes as leverage to stand up. Slate charges at him but his awareness allows him to duck, dumping Slate over the ropes, stumbling onto the bottom of the ramp.

Angel begins his attack on Shay, every hit fueled by rage. Every insult Hoxton has thrown at him, every accusation he has ever claimed, all coming together right here, right now. Screw Ascendance, this ends now. He stops, jerking Shay’s head up. As he looks down at Hoxton, he can see his reflection glistening in the gambler’s eyes. Already consumed by grief can he really allow himself to be eaten by angry as well? In the brief moment of hesitation, Hoxton takes his shot, chopping Angel right in the throat. Angel is no hero, and doesn’t deserve to be treated like one.

Bob Luger exits the ring, finally ready to get his hands on the man he once called a brother. Xander immediately runs around the ring, shortly after pursued by Luger. They turn a corner, than another. With the steel stairs in the way, Luger takes and extra second to get around safely. One second too much. With the extra time, Xander Slate grabs a steel chair from under the ring, striking Luger right in the gut. He falls back onto the steel stairs. The King raises the chair, ready to take the head off of Luger once and for all.

Seeing the opportunity, Shay Hoxton reaches over the ropes and pulls the chair out of Slate’s hands. In one fluid motion, he tosses it straight at Brett Angel’s head, leaving him prone. Hoxton runs to the corner and starts charging up. “Get up!” he yells. He’s in the same position he typically is in for his Love Tap, but it looks like he isn’t looking to show off here. Frothing at the mouth, he watches as Angel gets onto his knees and charges at full speed. No more words, no more insults, no more mercy, no more Angel. Hoxton just wants this to be over with, and with just one kick to the skull, he can.

Now inches away from his mark, Hoxton is tackled to the ground by a man in a security outfit. Xander Slate is pulled back by another, as well is Bob Luger. Brett Angel shoots up, but is pushed into a corner by a fourth. More security guards run down, fortifying their defenses, all followed by Supremacy General Manager: Jade Dynamite.

Ascendance XII is less than a week away, and now’s when you four decide to kill each other? Uh uh, not on my watch! Obviously you all need to let off some steam, but I will not let you ruin two of my best matches in CMV history! That’s why tonight, in one of our biggest main events to date, Shay Hoxton and Xander Slate, you two will face off against Brett Angel and Bob Luger! You want to fight so bad, then so be it! However, if any of you try these little stunts to take out your opponent before the biggest show of the year, then you will be suspended without a shot for revenge! So keep those boots laced, boys, and put on a hell of a show!

The crowd erupt at the prospect of these four sharing a ring together, and loudly chant for CMV. Meanwhile, all four men trade looks with one another. They know they have their enemies, but do they truly have any friends here?

~And we all know what happened next~

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