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Post by Chris Proudfoot on Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:01 pm

*Chris Proudfoot is standing in the ring, The National Championship around his waist, The CMV World Championship around his shoulder and a  Microphone in his right hand. The three members of his church Joey Diaz, Braxton Sutter, and newest member Angelo Babos stand around him. He looks around as the crowd is booing him loudly and smirks before speaking.*

Chris Proudfoot
At Ascendance I walked out with The Money in The Bank, And Then… I Walked out as your World Champion. I beat all of your heroes, All of your villians. I beat them all with only The Lord on my side. You see God works in mysterious ways, But this… This is all apart of God's Plan. Now I have two titles, What’s next.. Well I could give my National Championship to one of my followers.

*Proudfoot looks to Joey as Diaz looks back at him, but Proudfoot shakes his head "no".*

Chris Proudfoot
But what would that teach my three friends here? What is the lesson? No, In my world, In God's World. We earn things, We earn chances at titles. I am living proof of that, Working my ass off for years, going to those dark places. Before I found God I was a man who had fallen on hard times, But then I cut those people who brought me they’re out, and I found a new friend in Christ. Now look at me, I stand before you all as the CMV World Champion, A prize I never thought I could achieve before, But with Gods light shining on me.. I knew it was all apart of Gods Plan. Now I look to the Locker Room. I look to my co workers, I ask one of you, One WORTHY competitor to step out here, Because tonight Your World Champion has a special treat for you all. I’ll be putting up my International Championship on the line against the man who steps through that curtain and face down God's Chosen.

*Proudfoot points to his belt while he waits for his challenger. The crowd along with the men in the ring all wait patiently for anybody to respond to the challenge. Proudfoot smiles after a long pause and shrugs with pride that nobody deems themself worthy enough to face him. He raises the microphone to his mouth, but before his words come out, the PA System lights up.*

*Proudfoot raises a brow with surprise at the Work Ethic Titan’s appearance as Bob stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone in his hand, smiling at excited crowd. He tilts his head, eyeing the men in the ring, sort of analyzing the scene before finally raising the microphone to his lips and speaking his piece.*

Bob Luger
Ascendance, what a night for the both of us, huh Chris? I mean, you did the unthinkable and pulled down that briefcase THEN you shocked the world when you cashed it in to become the UNDISPUTED CHAMPION! As for me, I did some much needed healing when I BURIED my former brother. Now with the show of shows in our rearview mirrors, we get to move forward to new things. 6 months ago, I competed for that very title around your waist. The one you’re putting up for grabs.. Don’t know if you recall exactly what happened but just to refresh your mind, I won with a shattered knee. Lost the title as fast as I won it. It sure was a shame but now here I am. My beef with Slate settled and my eagerness to regain what I was never pinned for is flared up.

So yeah, i’m out here to officially accept your challenge. And before you say your little piece about how I’m not worthy enough and blah blah blah, save it. It didn’t matter who came out here, you didn’t expect anybody to answer your challenge because you surround yourself with muscle. I’m aware of what and who you are. You’re good in this ring. Hell, I'd say you’re a good guy if you didn’t use my religion as an excuse to be a giant dick. That’s the biggest reason why I’m glad you’re still the International Champion. I wanted a legit reason to knock your teeth in. Yeah, I mean, at this point, I'm used to beating down delusional pricks like you. Now I get to lay you out AND regain my title. I mean, God does work in mysterious ways huh? He just gave me a perfect opportunity to-

*At this point Chris has had enough and interrupts.*

Chris Proudfoot
You know it’s funny you have these preconceived notions about me Luger, You assume I wouldn’t accept you as an opponent. But I saw what you did to your former brother and I’d have to say I was impressed. I’m quite impressed you had the stomach to come out here and accept the challenge with my boys around me. But then I remembered you too are a man of God. You too have faith in OUR Lord and Savior, But we come from different backgrounds, different churches. But OUR God is the same, Yet we are two very different people. You see I didn’t lose this title as quickly as I grabbed it, I beat 5 other men in a Chamber to secure this belt, Then I beat this man Angelo Babos.

*Proudfoot points to Babos.*

Chris Proudfoot
He decided to join me after, He knew what you seem oblivious to. That I am The Chosen One. I know your resume and if you truly want to go One on One With the Chosen One Lugie… You got your match.

*Proudfoot waits for Luger to reply, who smirks and sweeps his hand over his chin to eliminate an itch before speaking.*

Bob Luger
That’s good but uh, buddy, you’re not the chosen one. You see, normally when somebody in this business says something like that, I brush it off as a simple nickname they’ve given themselves to get over. But you, you actually believe that you were chosen by God himself. I see that clear as day, that's why I'm sticking with my verdict that you are delusional and come later tonight, I’ll beat some literal sense in to you. So much that maybe your loyal followers over there will wake up and realize that their role in all of this is to be your bodyguards. You’re playing them, using God as your playbook. That’s a dangerous game. But they’ll realize and what will you do then? When this little act unfolds, will you turn to another God? Will Satan become your savior and you team up with Bannon and Knox? Or will you pull your head out of your ass and be an honest man in this business? Consider me answering your challenge as charity. You’re the one in need of saving. I’ll take your title and tear your little world you’ve built for yourself down so you can rebuild your career the right way. And maybe, just maybe when George King cashes in that rematch clause, you can beat him like a man and not a borderline cult leader hiding behind a wall of lies like a goddamn coward.

*He watches as Proudfoot’s smile is drained from his face at the sounds of his bold words.*

Chris Proudfoot
I’m not delusional Lugie, you just lack Faith in God. I thought better of you but it’s clear to me you are blind. Blinded by your notions of what Christ should be, what God should be, But I’m here to tell you the Lord Speaks through me.  This is God's Will. I’m helping all three of these men ascend just as I have. You doubt me yet I stand here holding BOTH the CMV International Championship AND The CMV World Championship. I stand here with legitimate proof that The Lord is on my side, Whether you like it or not. Our God Chose me over you, I understand the jealousy. But Envy is a sin Lugie. You of all people should know that, and tonight, You’ll get your punishment.

*Luger smirks, looking down the ramp at his future opponent.*

Bob Luger
Yeah? We'll see then buddy!
Chris Proudfoot
Chris Proudfoot

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