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Post by Gumble on Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:53 am

The camera fades into the backstage area, Lisa Evans stands by with a microphone…

Lisa Evans

And now please welcome, the NGW Tag Team Champions, The Prestige!

Shane Ridley and Grant Morgan walk into frame looking pretty peeved.

Lisa Evans

Shane, Grant, you’re both looking riled up this evening, is there a reason fo-

Shane Ridley

Ri- RILED UP?! Yeah, good one Lisa, good one! No kidding we’re ‘riled up’ after hearing the absolute nonsense stipulation for our match at Departure! Lisa! tell me the stipulation again…

Lisa looks confused for a moment before bringing the microphone closer to her…

Lisa Evans

It’s a ladder match, i-

Shane Ridley

A LADDER MATCH! What ever happened to a good old two on two tag team wrestling match? We are a tag team, not a circus act. We are tag team specialists and the disrespect we are being shown by being put in this type of match is just unmeasurable. There’s nothing we hate more than gimmick matches. We are the best tag team in the world and we are relegated to being in a gimmick match, it’s absurd, it’s ludicrous, it’s.. it’s…

Grant Morgan


Shane Ridley (background)


Grant Morgan

But do you know what else is preposterous Lisa?

Lisa Evans (rolling her eyes)

What else is preposterous?

Grant Morgan

The fact that we are being held down by the decision makers in NGW. They are deliberately playing to our weaknesses when they decide to ‘spice’ things up in the tag team division, but do you know why Lisa? Go on ask me…

Lisa Evans

*sigh* why?

Grant Morgan

Because they want to see new faces at the top of the tag division, faces that can sell cat masks or are relatable because they play video games, I mean just look who they put in the match with us, Normal people may see a team of 2 cats that we just beat and a team of some video game nerd with his edgy friend, but when I look at our competition I don’t see teams, I don’t see a brotherhood, I see two guys who are just trying to climb the first rung on the ladder to being a solo champion. And that’s why we’ll beat these clowns, we are a team, a brotherhood, and you see that reflected in the ring. No one does tag team wrestling like us, No one. So it doesn’t matter if it’s A ladder match, because at the end of the night you’re still going to hear “AND STILL NGW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, THE PRESTIGE”.

Ridley and Morgan walk out of shot, leaving Lisa Evans speechless, the camera fades...

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