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Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot.

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Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot. Empty Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot.

Post by Master Ogon on Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:26 am

The camera opens up to Spice Rawk walking to a very “experienced” looking RV that looks like it smells horrible inside. She’s dressed in dark blue ripped jeans and a black tank top that’s not the fanciest look. They walk inside and the view isn’t pretty. The place is a mess and basically the complete opposite of what you’d expect from Sugar when he presents himself so “exoticly” to say the least. There are empty beer bottles aplenty and just about anything you could imagine scattered on the floor that they just didn’t care enough to pick up, dirty clothes included. The walls are a dark warm orange with the paint on those walls peeling. The fist-shaped hole in the bedroom should really sum up how great the place is.

Right in the middle of a cheap black couch though is the winner of the poll himself, Sugar Bae Stevenson. He’s laying on his back with right foot over his left knee and his eyes focused on the roof above him. His right hand is holding a lit cigarette and he’s dressed in Sugar style, fishnet shirt and black pants with flip flops. Of course, he has his star shades on and his bandana. Spice walks to his side and begins to speak like she already practised these same lines a few times.

Spice Rawk:
Ahem! Direct your attention to the words that are coming out of my mouth and filling your ears. The Rock’N’Roll Leviathan, The Mean Green Jelly Bean, the once in a lifetime man that has shaken CMV to its core! Sugar Bae Stevenson! And I’m his-

Sugar’s right-hand goes up and her mouth goes shut. Her face once blossomed with excitement suddenly just gets murdered and a downcast expression now is stained on her face. Evident by Sugar’s mouth though he clearly doesn’t care, his lips just form a cocky grin with his eyes now locked onto the camera.

    Sugar Bae Stevenson:
I didn’t get this wonderful cameraman here to say the same old stories that everyone has told to make themselves appear superior to the rest. I never really understood the people that just naturally have egos without doing anything worthwhile since that’s just being naive and singing the same old songs, that certainly wouldn't get them noticed. That stuff matters when you prove it, y’know? But that’s what makes me special and just above everyone like that, I’m not cocky I’m just humble. I just know I can be really special and I know I’m just naturally destined to steal the sights of anyone I walk by and that I can do special things. I mean, look at the things I’ve done! I won basically a popularity poll by only showing my charming face once! That has to mean at the very least I’m one of the top eight most popular people in NGW. I had the best performance of that rumble match, I eliminated Braxton. I didn’t win but I also did something nobody else really could have done. Sugar doesn’t have an ego, Sugar just understands technically he’s a star of the present that just needs to do his next great performance so he becomes a household name. What is that next great thing? Wearing gold I’d say is pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t had even three matches yet…

Despise his apparent hypocrisy Sugar’s smirk still remains strong. He smothers his cigarette in the ashtray close to him and points to it signalling for Spice to move it out of frame which she does without question. After motioning his hand for her to hurry up she basically rushes and almost trips on her way out of the spotlight.

Sugar Bae Stevenson:
Perry baby, I understand those thoughts rushing through your mind. You know who I am but you don’t know what I am. So I’ll just be as honest as I can with ya and everyone out there. I don’t hate who I am like so many depressed failures out there so I can spill my secrets to the masses and know I’ll be fine. Honestly, I’m somewhat of a whore.

Sugar’s adjusts himself so he’s sitting rear down to the camera in the normal fashion in which people sit. Slowly he would take off his star-shaped signature shades to reveal his glassy eyes with their accompanying bags. He chuckles after he does so.

Sugar Bae Stevenson:
Look at how I dress and look at how I carry myself pal, I just love attention! There’s nothing really wrong with that but I want you to know this. I want to steal the show with you Pitbull and I want to shape a masterpiece with you in the ring. I want everyone to be bored and disappointed by the bouts after our match. Every cell in my body is just craving for my official debut to be in top ten lists! The sights of everyone will be on us and I promise they’ll be addicted to me like a drug in a snap of a second and will be BEGGING for the next Sugar Bae Stevenson match. They’ll want to overdose on me and the fans will recognize you as the gladiator that managed to co-star in my grand opening. But Jesus forgive me, Perry, I’m more than willing to end your career in our match that can end really anywhere. Sugar doesn’t give threats though, Sugar’s tongue only speaks the future. But whatever, I’m sure you knew that and you ain’t expecting an easy match. Don’t cry too hard in the shower when the inevitable climax happens bud, you'll still be remembered for participating so it's not the worst thing. I’ll sign an autograph for someone in your family after the match, consider it my apology for whatever happens. I’m sure they’ll just adore seeing an actual star that they know is gonna do something that matters in the near future. I could just go and on about how much I’m looking forward to this match, however, I like having suspense. See ya, puppy.

Sugar brushes the camera off and slides his glasses back on. He lays back and just waits for the camera to get off of him. Spice on the other hand actually wants people to remember she exists. She walks back into the frame and attempts to say something but...

Sugar Bae Stevenson:
Shhhhhh, don’t ruin the moment…

The moment is saved according to Sugar and the view fades to black. The star’s personality is known and it’s not the most beautiful pony in the world.

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