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A New Era in CMV Empty A New Era in CMV

Post by Batman on Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:05 pm

It’s a day after BattleScars 5 and we see an unknown face sitting in front of a nice wooden desk, with a smile on his face. The video is titled as an important announcement for the company. So important that every superstar on the roster gets an alert on their phones, all the fans are clicking on the link all over the internet, and even everyone on Wall Street listens up. You wouldn’t know this pre-recorded video was CMV related if it wasn’t for the massive CMV banner behind the man and CMV veteran, Xander Slate, by his side. In a stern, thick, Irish accent he begins to speak directly into the camera.

A New Era in CMV 71591759_775477832868662_6237732216894390272_n.png?_nc_cat=105&_nc_oc=AQnvMOGkWNV4B9EHvypwHHzYfHng1G78dNNGwIHjgCS0jzlMyYZwefI-07sy_Vbg2sw&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

Kellin O’Neill
Good evening CMV Universe. My name is Kellin O’Neill and I have an important announcement for you all today regarding the future of CMV. For the past six months on behalf of my bosses here in Dooblin (Dublin), I have negotiated and made deals to officially procure 100% control over the company, buying out my long time pal, Cole Savage, as well as making Triple H an offer he couldn’t refuse. They have done a fantastic job in keeping this company on the top of the pro wrestling food chain, but even the greatest things are subject to change for the better and that’s what I intend to do. I don’t expect most of you who live outside of Ireland to know much about me or my business ventures, but just know this isn’t my first nor will it be my last rodeo.

I am implementing many changes to the business over time to help push the company into the right direction. I may now officially be the new owner, but I still need somebody to oversee operations on Supremacy. With Jade Dynamite pursuing new aspirations I had to conduct a search. After surveying all of my options I have come to the conclusion that the man on my left is the most suitable man for the position. I know that most will not agree with that decision but I have my reasons. But I’ll let the lad speak for himself.

Xander takes off his sunglasses, staring into the camera.

Xander Slate
After a long career in between the ropes, I have decided that it’s time I hang up my boots in exchange for dress shoes. After announcing my retirement to the board, I was approached by Mr. O'Neill who sat me down and talked to me about his image for this company. He’s no ordinary man. He’s a very successful billionaire who has Northern Ireland in his pocket. So for a guy like that to come to me and tell me I have potential in the management business ... I couldn’t help but to listen. I realized he’s right. It’s in my genes to lead and I vow to do just that.

Kellin O’Neill
Aye, and for my first major announcement, starting next season, I've made the very important decision that the NGW brand will no longer be considered a developmental branch of CMV, but instead will become an equal to Supremacy. Ken Donahue will stay on as it's general manager because honestly, the man has some brass stones and I like what I've seen from him, he takes charge and keeps his boots to the ground, that's what this company needs. With this shift in the landscape of CMV, NGW will be getting a major overhaul and in fact won't be known as NGW any longer. It’ll now be known as CMV Crossfire. In light of this, the very first episode of CMV next season will be a special event: Shakeup! Where we'll find out which superstars will call which show their home! So look forward to brand warfare returning to CMV!

Now, we realized that too many stars are being overshadowed by the vets of the business. It’s too difficult for them to step into the spotlight when the spotlight refuses to move off of the same men. So we are to “clean the slate” so to speak. I don’t care about the past. I care about the future. And I want to see first hand who will be holding this company upon their backs for the years to come, so to start things off next season, two 30 man battle royal matches will be held, one on each show. The winners of those two matches will then compete at the Point Break pay-per-view, with the winner of that match receiving a World championship opportunity on their brand's first exclusive special of the season! I want to see every single superstar on both rosters show myself, Mr. Slate, Mr. Donahue, and most of all, the CMV universe, why they’re here. Sixty men will have this one opportunity, for some it’ll be their first time getting a chance like this to shine, for others it’ll be a time of redemption and I hope they don’t squander it, because if you’re not in this business to be the best, you’re in the wrong business.

This is a new era in CMV people. A better era. I will pour my blood, sweat, and tears into this place to make sure it will NEVER be toppled. And I will need all the support I can get from you fans. It’s your company just as much as it is mine. So please, while you wait for Supremacy to come back on the air, take the time to subscribe to the CMV Network if you haven’t already, you’ll see a whole new format, and have yourself a look through the library to find your favorite matches and memories. Stay pumped and excited. We wanna hear from you the next time we’re live. We’ll do everything in our power to create new memories for you to be excited about. CMV is for life. And with me behind the curtains, with Mr. Slate by my side, it’ll be a good life. Have a wonderful day everybody, and I very much look forward to starting this journey with you.

And with that, he nods his head as the feed cuts out.


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