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Post by TehGamerTribe on Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:46 pm

After their match at Battle Scars 5 for the Unified Tag Team Championships The Kings are found backstage and are asked for an interview. Diamond brushes it off but Cross accepts on behalf of both of them.

Thank both of you for your time! Now can you give us your insight on what went down in your match against Armbar Society, Gods Chosen and X-Gen?

Chris Diamond turns his back to Rob and the Interviewer and crosses his arms as Rob blanks out and stares at him for a few seconds. He then looks at the interviewer and begins to talk with some fire in his voice.

Rob Cross
Yeah, yeah I have something to say. Today marks my 2 year anniversary in CMV and yeah I've accomplished some stuff and that's cool. But…. Something has been getting at me recently…

Diamond looks over his right shoulder at Rob with a slight bit of concern yet in the end he still turns his head back. Rob then lets out a single tear but wipes it away and begins to chuckle like a mad man.

Rob Cross
I'm sorry it has to be like this….

Rob hits a stiff lariat to the back of Diamonds head which causes him to land face first. Rob jumps at his side and begins to pummel him with strikes on the back of his head. He tries to protect himself but it's not working. Rob picks up Diamond and smashes his head off of the stone wall before propping him up by the chin on an equipment box and a wall as Rob walks away…. But then Rob sprints back into frame and sandwiches Diamonds head between the wall and the butt of a fire extinguisher. He falls down, clearly unconscious at this point when Rob grabs a chair, lays it over the downed Diamonds head, stomps his stomach once just to make sure he's out of it and walks away….. But of course, he isn't done as he returns with a pipe of some sort. He waits a few seconds, stares at Diamond as if he could see through the chair as he says with tears in his eyes where he can barely mutter a few words: "I'm….. Sorry…." he goes to swing the pipe but falls to his knees and says something else "This-this is my time now!" as he jumps to his feet and swings the pipe straight into the place Diamonds nose was located. Blood spurts out from the sides of the chair as Rob falls back to his knees, removes the chair and looks into the eyes of his bloody covered former friend as he rips at his hair and begins tear up, repeating the same words over and "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he falls backwards into a seated position and begins to cry. As he gets back to his feet he takes a few steps backwards and makes a half sprint for his car.

Rob Cross:
Former Fusion Tag Team Champion (With Chris Diamond)
Former Light Heavyweight Champion

Gary Reid
Runner Up In The Return NGW Championship Tournament
Member Of The Arm Bar Society (With Walter Bolek)


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