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Post by krzy on Tue Jan 07, 2020 12:06 am

Scene opens up to a shot of the skybox—Brett Angel and Cole Savage watching tomorrow’s stars being trained in the gymnasium beneath them. Savage turns his back to the window, taking a sip of the wine in his glass. Angel sighs, keeping watch of the training session. He winces when a youth shouts “triple moonsault” then nearly lands on his head before fully completing the first rotation.

ANGEL: So that’s it, then? Your grand advice after all these years out of the business?

SAVAGE: Hey, what can I say, kid? I’m not one of those magical negroes who has the perfect answer at the crucial moment.

Savage turns his head and sizes Angel up.

SAVAGE: And you’re not a prepubescent white kid in a coming-of-age movie. You’re also not an old ass man. Like I said, I’m living proof that there’s life after wrestling--even if I didn’t quite step fully out of the pool. But you? You’ve still got some fight in you. It’s all a matter of if you think it’s worth it to keep on fighting.

ANGEL: I don’t have much more to lose.

SAVAGE: Which makes what you do have left all the more valuable.

Angel shrugs, giving Savage a friendly pat on the shoulder before he walks over to the door.

ANGEL: And you say you're not magical.

Angel nearly knocks the man on the other side of the door off his feet.

ANGEL: Sorry about that. Gramps is having his morning wine. So unless you got an appoin--

The man straightens himself; his beauty has rendered Angel speechless.

10|EL As a matter of fact, I do.

A soothing voice that could calm even the most restless of souls.

10|EL But not with Mr. Savage.

He chuckles and it's like being caressed by a rainbow.

10|EL You're not an easy man to find.

ANGEL: And you're not someone I'd expect to be looking for me.

10|EL Recently I've received the opportunity of a lifetime: a role in a 15 second advertisement where I must play the role of a mentor to a troubled soul. It is crucial that I transcend the boundaries of this part so that my performance resonates within the collective conscience of humanity long after my flesh departs this earthly realm.

In order to achieve that I must gain real-world experience. What better way to do that than by guiding the most miserable man in professional wrestling.

Angel crosses his arms.

ANGEL: And what makes you th--Miserable? THE most? That can't be right.

10|EL I have the cure for your ails, but I will not force the medicine down your throat.

It's simple to remember—ANG|EL.

Anger Nullifies Growth|Embrace Love.

All this resentment you've been harboring, the grudges you've let engulf you--let love wash it away.

ANGEL: That might be the dumbest thing I've heard. Embrace love? Maybe you forgot in your time away, but this ain't a business of love and singing kumbaya.

10|EL smiles and at least one person watching this video is now with child.

10|EL I knew this would be a worthy challenge. You plan to go back to Supremacy, don't you?

ANGEL: Why wouldn't I? There's a lot of unfinished business I got sitting there waiting for me to deal with. Especially with our GM who I can't wait to—

10|EL Unfinished because your anger won't allow you to let go and grow. Why allow the cycle to continue when a fresh start--and love--awaits across the pond?

10|EL walks over to Angel and helps himself to a handshake.

10|EL Think about it, friend. You've alienated nearly everyone you care about—perhaps it's time to give a stranger a chance.

Angel shakes his head.

ANGEL: Listen, I appreciate the offer, but I think I got it from here. You're in the right building though, there's a guy I nearly watched break his neck earlier, bet he could use some mentoring.

Angel walks off incredulously muttering under his breath as he does so. "Love? LOVE?! What kind of hippie bullsh—"

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