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Falling Angel Podcast - Episode 1: CMV in 2019

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Falling Angel Podcast - Episode 1: CMV in 2019 Empty Falling Angel Podcast - Episode 1: CMV in 2019

Post by HellishxHades on Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:08 am

Falling Angel Podcast:
Episode #1: CMV in 2019
Jon Reed:
Welcome one and all to this new podcast, where we are covering everything and all things CMV. This is the Falling Angel Podcast, and I am your host, The Fallen Angel of Professional Wrestling, Jon Reed. Now I have been out of the ring for at least six months now. I have officially retired and to all the people that are asking me if and when I will be back in CMV, I am not returning to in-ring action anytime soon. So you can stop asking me. But this Podcast is about the happenings of CMV, and heading into Season 6 of CMV, I am gonna run through the happenings of this season of CMV from the championship lineage, surprises, and matches of the year.

To begin, let's look at the champions at the beginning of the season, For the Undisputed Championship we had the first CMV Scottish World Champion in Jacob Ziegler, he would defeat the likes of Harvey Hastings, PJ Moon, and Percy Simmons before dropping the championship to a hungry Andrew Briggs, giving Briggs his first taste of World Championship Gold. His reign started on Fusion, and he gained wins over the likes of PJ Moon, Xander Slate, Kevin Silva, and George King, before dropping the Championship to Reece Ortiz at Home Coming. Reece would hold the championship til, Purgatory a month later, were George King put on one of if not the most impressive showings lasting 40 minutes and eliminating 4 of his 5 opponents, including, Reece Ortiz, Hayden, Brian Jacobson, and Chris Diamond. If I had to say a favorite match featuring the Undisputed Championship, I would say it was this Chamber. It made a star on the outcome of it. But George King dropped the belt to PJ Moon in the Main Event of Ascendance, and PJ Moon reign only would last mere minutes as Chris Proudfoot would cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on PJ Moon, winning the championship. Proudfoot, would defeat George King in a Thy Kingdom Come match 2-0 at the season finale at BattleScars 5.

Let's take a look at the retired championship of the yellow brand, The Alpha World Championship. At the start of the season, Josh Wolf was widely hated and criticized by the majority of the CMV fan base, and workers in the back, myself included. Starting a movement to remove Ms. LaFave from power, leading to Pat LaFave taking over and Cheating to Win the Alpha World Championship from Josh Wolf who had a successful defense of the championship at Anarchy Rules against Masota Yume. Pat would defend his championship against the likes of Josh Wolf, Reece Ortiz, Tops Newsome, Pierre Thompson, El Jefe, and Kevin Silva. Before losing the title to Kevin Silva at Cyberslam. The title would be retired soon after Kevin Silva won the belt as Genesis would cease to exist. If I were to give a favorite match from the run of matches last season it would be the Pat LaFave vs Tops Newsome and El Jefe from Genesis, because Pat somehow some way proved why he was the champ. Because he could find a way out of any match, and keep his title.

Next, let's look at the CMV Anarchy Championship, at the start of the season, the title was vacant as then champ, Drake Dunn had to step away from wrestling all together due to injuries. So A tournament was formed and the previous Champ, Tyson Cage would become a 2x champ beating Logan Hail in the Finals on Fusion. At Requiem Shay Hoxton would defeat the A-Lister to become the Anarchy Champ, redefeating Tyson the next night on Fusion. He would also defeat Joey Diaz before losing the title to the most dominate Champion in CMV History. Walter Bolek. Walter defeat Shay Hoxton, Myself, … , … , … at Sacrifice in Rage in a Cage. He would run through Bloody Justice and Willie Sullivan, Tyson Cage, Adam Valentine, Bannon, Kris Sullivan, the Sully Bros., Shamrock twice, Ryan Kent, and Brett Angel. Walter Bolek is a force of nature, that I put down with the Fall on my last night in CMV. Just Saying when it comes to the Great White of CMV, The Fallen Angel was better on my last night. If I still wrestled, I would defeat him faster than anyone… I’m getting myself worked up. And I don’t need to do that. If I gave a match the all-important Jon Reed approval, it would be Walter vs Ryan Kent a five-star classic.

Let's look back on another retired belt from this season, the United States Championship. Carrying the title over from Season 4, Aleister Knox, drew with me, then defeated me, before losing the title to Ryan Kent at Retaliation. Ryan would only hold the title for a month where he would lose the title to Kris Sullivan at Requiem. Kris would hold the belt till it retirement, defeating, Percy Simmons, Willie Sullivan, and Jason Spade. My favorite match from this season was Knox vs Kent because I got to see the prompus bastard Knox lose his title. I’ve heard from some friends still in CMV that they are planning to bring back the title for Crossfire.

Now let’s take a look at the CMV International Championship, where at the start of the season, Xander Slate was the champ carrying over from season 4, where he would the title to Brett Angel at Death Wish. Brett Angel would successfully defend his title against Chris Adams in Japan before dropping the title to The Villainous Matt Devious at Exodus. Bob Luger would win the championship from Matt Devious at Cyberslam, but he had to vacate the championship soon after winning it due to a tore ACL, Randy Borton would win the championship in a Fatal Four Way, featuring Pierre Thompson, Perry Heenan, and Dante Tatum, before losing the championship to Pierre Thompson at Regicide, defeating Shay Hoxton at Absolution. Shay Hoxton would weasel his way back into the championship picture winning the belt at Home Coming with Perry Heenan and Dante Tatum. Then and at Purgatory inside the Elimination Chamber, God’s Chosen Chris Proudfoot would win the International Championship, outlasting names like Tyson Cage, Angelo Babos, Dante Tatum, Jason Spade, and then Champ Shay Hoxton. He would then defeat Angelos Babos to retain the title on an episode of Supremacy. Proudfoot would then win the Money in the Bank and Cash In on PJ Moon at Ascendance becoming a Double Champ, which is a rare occurrence in CMV, with only a handful of people accomplishing, such as Hayden, George King, and Paul Divine. Then, at BattleScars 5, Bob Luger would recapture the championship that he never lost from God’s Chosen. Ending the season with the prestigious championship. If I had to say my favorite I would say the Chamber. I am just a big fan of chamber matches.

A Belt that was also retired this season was the Light Heavyweight Championship, but it was rebranded the CMV Zero-G Championship. The Light Heavyweight Championship was vacated after Flatters won it, and Jaquan Shay won the vacated title at the Exodus PPV defeating 4 other skilled light heavyweights. He would go on a reign of terror defeating No Fun Martini, Anthony Hunt, Doug Thompson, Matt Justice, Dante Tatum, Chris Adams, Rhys Matthews, and Sam Valentine. The title would be vacated and retired to introduce the new and redesign Zero-G Championship. Jaquan Shay would win the tournament to be crowned the first Zero-G champion. He would thankfully lose it to DRH who would defeat Jason Spade on Supremacy to retain his title. Before Spade would eventually win the title from Sam Valentine and DRH, holding it until the end of the season. I would love to say DRH beating Shay was my favorite, because Fuck you Jaquan. I have to say Spade vs Hastings vs Reeves from BattleScars 5 was the best match for either version of the title.

Now let’s look into the Unified Tag Team Championships, the combine belts of the Fusion Tag Team Championship and the CMV World Tag Team Championship. First the lineage of the Fusion Tag Team Championship, then the CMV World Tag Team Championship. At the start of the season. The Undead would win the titles at Retaliation when they were reintroduced, defeating Valentine and Harris and the Revolution. They would lose the titles to Andrew Briggs and PJ Moon before they dropped them to Valentine and Harris. Valentine and Harris would drop the titles to Bastion on Fusion, which is a shame because I believe that Adam Valentine could have done so much more with those titles. Bastion would retain against The Control and The B.o.V. before the titles were unified. For the CMV World Tag Team Championship, The ATL would carry the titles over from season 4, defeating The Anarchist, haha. Fuck you Crowe, and fuck you, Caleb. Before losing the titles to Josh Wolf and Reece Ortiz in Japan. They would defeat The Street Gods, The Kliq, X Gen, Bastion, and the B.o.V. before the titles were retired. The CMV Unified Tag Team Championship was won by The Sully Bros who defeated the Control at Absolution. The Sully Bros would fued with The Armbar Society, who would defeat them for the titles at Home Coming and Ascendance. Surprisingly The Armbar Society would lose to God’s Chosen alongside X-Gen and The Kings. I would say my favorite of these matches was the BattleScars 4 way where God’s Chosen won the title. Mostly because I got to see Walter Bolek victimized, brutalized, and conquered. Which was amazing.

In NGW, I am not that well informed about the happens of NGW cause I never paid attention before. I will leave a link to see the NGW title history and you could see those yourselves. So let’s move on to the next topic. Some of the biggest surprises of the season. We had Ace Reeves cashing his Magnifecent Six Contract to defeat Tenra after a grueling battle with Cam Harris.
We had Bob Luger returning from a career-ending injury and beating the shit out of his former brother in arms Xander Slate. Leading to an instant classic with him at Ascendance. Speaking of Ascendance we had Chris Proudfoot win Money in the Bank and cash in on PJ Moon in the Main Event of Ascendance. But I think the most surprising thing to happen this season was Tenra killing Joseph Santos, and getting away with murder.

And I will keep this last segment pretty short since we are running low on time for this first episode of the Falling Angel Podcast. But what I think is the match of the season. For me it would be the three way at Battle Scars 5, Jason Spade vs Ace Reeves vs Stephan Hastings. If you haven’t seen it you should go check it out on the CMV network.Well Im getting told that all the time I have for this one. Show thank you all for listening to the Falling Angel Podcast, we be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel Broad Culture for more. Until next time I be seeing ya.

Crowe - Anarchy Championship Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Joe Dirte - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
Maximum Rider - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
George King - NGW Championship 2x - Final NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) - European Championship - Final Television Championship - First Internet Championship - CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) / Champion of Champion / CMV Undisputed World Championship
Tyson Cage - Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Bickering Duo)/Anarchy Championship 2x
Caleb Reed: Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Jon Reed: Anarchy Championship
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