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HALO | Sore Winner II

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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by topher316 on Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:05 pm

i know your pain.... least you don`t get banned


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:53 pm

As Reality Wrestling rolls on, we're whisked away backstage where "1 Shot" Leona is shown leaning forward while sitting in a chair, faced buried in her hands. Squatting down next to her is Osiris who has a comforting hand on her shoulder.  

OSIRIS: Come on, Leona, you can let a few bad weeks get you down.

LEONA: More than a few... it's been months. MONTHS! Months of feeling like I'm a step slower...like I'm not as good as I once was.

OSIRIS:Geez, and you weren't even that good to start with.

Leona chokes out a week laugh and playfull shoves Osiris away. She reaches into her purse and pulls out some napkins and a small mirror. She flips the accessory open and finds herself staring at moist, reddened eyes.  

LEONA: You're better than this. You were a champion.

OSIRIS: Man, I shoulda called you up when I was dealing with Kurse's ugly ass so you could knee him one a plastic surgeons table. I know you love that kind of thing.

She musters another weak laugh, but falls silent as the locker room door opens allowing Brett Angel to step out into the hallway. Leona abruptly stands up and turns so that he's forced to look at her back. Osiris is easily able to read Angel's confused expression. He sighs as he straightens himself out.  

OSIRIS: She's pissed because I didn't bring her Osiris' Special Slice.

He walks into the lockerroom leaving Angel and Leona alone in the hallway. He walks over to her and fixes the cloak draped over her shoulders.  

ANGEL: Mine was like a rock by the time I got ut. Not worth the hype at all.

Angel puts an arm around her shoulder and they walk down the hall as the image fades.

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Triss Merigold
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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:23 am

Midway through Genesis, Brett Angel is spotted leaning against a wall next to General Manager Dave Turner's office. It only takes a few seconds more for Turner to open the front door and be greeted by Angel's smiling face.

TURNER: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. After what you've been pulling lately, I don't even want to hear what you have to say.

ANGEL: Is that any way to treat your favorite wrestler?

Turner shakes his head.

ANGEL: Fine, your most valuable wrestler, monetarily speaking, of course. Anyways, I just stopped by to thank you for the opportunity you've given me. "Rising Star" championship, though? A bit of a backhanded compliment, don't you think?

TURNER: It's a lot more than what you deserve.

ANGEL: I'm sorry, are you criticizing CJ's negotiation skills? That will break her heart when I tell her.

Turner clenches his jaw instead of immediately responding.

TURNER: Ironically, you've been the one getting away with murder lately, and based on your recent performances I'm starting to wonder if you're worth the trouble.

Angel smirks instead of immediately responding.

ANGEL: Of course I'm worth it; I'm Brett Angel.

He pats Turner on the shoulder before walking off, but then he stops on his heels and turns around.

ANGEL: How was that meal, by the way?

TURNER: Expensive.

Angel's laugh echoes in the hallway as the scene fades.


Triss Merigold
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Main Event Star!

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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:50 am

Early on into UnMatched, Osiris is spotted tying his doo-rag as he sits in the lockerroom. Once the headgear is securely fastened, he leans back against the metal locker and takes in a deep breath.

OSIRIS: And so here we are. After months of going in circles against Kurse--may he rest in peace...I'd leave an Orchid at his grave and pour one out for him, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that I wasn't his biggest fan...just the biggest thorn in his side.

He laughs, the memory of coming out on top of that heated rivalry a pleasant one.

OSIRIS: Now that that's all in the past, I'm feeling like it's time I start making moves. After all, I am the man with the plan and the magic hands. A guy so fly he can touch the sky. The host of the most prolific unnamed variety show to hit your screens. I've been here for a long time. Did a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but since I've been left solo to treat UnMatched like my playground, I haven't picked up that one big win.

Tonight is boutta be that night.

Solomon Glock, see, I'm not too familiar with you, but I know enough to realize that you were a champion here for a reason, and beating you is just what the doctor ordered. When I can say that I beat a former champion smackdab in the middle of the ring, no excuses, no distractions, that's when I make it clear that Osiris is finally here, and I ain't going nowhere.

A thought crosses his mind that he reflects on for a bit.

OSIRIS: And a know a hell of a lot about that last name of yours. That's not a name you're born with, and that's not a life you're often born into. It's a life I walked into because I had no other family, and I thought it was my only way to survive. I saw how it was glorified, thought it would be cool to be tough like them. It wasn't until I was in too deep that I realized that there are less than a handful of ways to get out of that life...I'm just happy I took the way that left me still breathing.

There's no blood on my hands, but sometimes I feel the weight of my hands like they're drenched in blood. I watched a lot of it be spilled and I saw a lot of people get hurt--people I cared about and people I'll never get the chance to apologize to.

Osiris leans forward in his chair while clasping his hands together.

OSIRIS: A lot of people who made one mistake and who could use a second chance are six feet under--or worse. Here I am trying to make the most of mine while I still got a few good years in this tank.

I know a lot of people see me as Brett Angel-lite, trying to pick off where he left off, but I'm my own man looking to make his own way. Tonight, I'm going to prove my worth to this show. When it's all said and done, you're all gonna see that Osiris is more than nice hair and a pretty smile.


Triss Merigold
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Main Event Star!

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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:33 pm

The banner billowing in the wind in front of a school reads: "Reading Saves Lives", a bold statement that's likely from the heart from many of the teachers and faculty that work in this building--at least the decent ones.

The camera man swivels back and forth to give a full sense of this charmingly chaotic event. Children's squeals of joy fill the air as they run around and play under this cloudy sky. On several tables lie books both old and new as people from all over town stop by to donate these much appreciated reading materials that they no longer have use for.

Books that spent ages on shelves--neglected as the years went by and teenagers and older found little use of them-- now are potentially finding new homes as kids gleefully flip through them and show their parents which they want to bring with them. The rest likely added to the school's library.

A large tent has been set up as close to the middle of all of this as it can get, and in front of it stand "1 Shot" Leona and CJ Havret who are smiling and laughing with adoring fans and soon-to-be fans who are trying their best not to be star struck by the unexpected visitors to their small town.

The women sign autographs and pose for pictures that will allow this moment to transcend today into the tomorrows and beyond. Leona smiles and claps her hands together to get the people's attention, a small crowd gathered in a crescent in front of them.

LEONA: Hi everyone! It's so good to see all of you! For those who don't know, I'm Leona, and this is CJ. When we're not kicking butt inside of the ring, we like to give back to the community, and this is one of those times.

She pauses as a small applause flares up.

LEONA: We're so happy to see the turn out for this book drive, and we really hope you had a great time today. Unfortunately, we can't stay forever, even though we wish we could, but duty calls.

Some of the kids say "aww" saddened by the news, or at least because they can sense such a fun day will be coming to an end soon.

HAVRET: But, before we go, we promised when we came that we wouldn't leave without reading a story to you, and we always keep our promises...except for the time Lee said she'd bring pizza back to the hotel.

LEONA: Osiris gave it all away!

HAVRET: And that's why I love books, guys. When people in real life let me down...

Leona shakes her head and laughs.

HAVRET:...I can count on a good book to whisk me away into a different world. I grow to love and hate the characters in them and to laugh and cry at the things that happen to them. It's like magic, and I hope today some of you have discovered that magic. So, Lee which story are we reading today.

LEONA: You know, to both make it up to you and show everyone what a great best friend I am, I'm gonna let you choose.

Havret's eyes light up as she reaches into her purse and pulls out a worn, tattered small book. Her eyes start to moisten just a little bit, but she quickly swipes away at them with the back of her hand.

HAVRET: There's a story in this book my Nana used to read to me and Ginger, about the raven and the wolf. I'm so happy I get to share it with all of you.

She sits Indian style on the grass and many of the kids scramble to sit as close to her as possible. When Havret flips through the pages and reads, her voice is soft and soothing, playful and colorful. Everyone, even Leona who has likely heard this dozens of times, is listening attentively.

HAVRET: The Raven flew down from the naked free and perched upon a pointed rock. She looked down at he jagged ribs of a wolf lying of its side, chest rising and falling sporadically with each strained breath.

"I've brought you something," the Raven said gently.

The wolf slowly raised its head off the ground and opened dimming eyes to make sense of the blob.

"You've come to mock me," the wolf's voice was raspy.

"No, I'm here to help." The raven flapped her wings and landed near the wolves mouth. She dropped a scrap of raw meat, still slick with blood in some places.

"Why?" the wolf asked, straining to reach the tantalizing parcel of food. The Raven nudges the piece closer to his mouth and watches at he chews it and swallows it.

She flies off and returns a minute later with an end of a leaf held in each talon. She hovers over the wolf's mouth where she tilts the leaf allowing several drops of desperately needed water to slide down the his dry throat.

"Because we're both alone," she finally says, "and we both need to survive."

She watches as he struggles to stand on three good legs before collapsing to the ground. It continues like this for days. But the darkness shrouding their futures is slowly beaten away by the hopeful rays of the sun.

For the next ten or so minutes, Havret reads on, her eyes casually flicking down to the text written on the page every now and then, but this is a story she knows by heart by now. The wolf's leg heals, and the raven helps him find isolated prey, typically small and weak not that long since it was brought into the world. Eventually he gets stronger and faster...and deadlier. Together they are able to survive and thrive.

HAVRET: The wolf's teeth sinks into the still warm flesh on the antelope that never saw him coming. When he's done, the raven helps herself, needing a lot less to lull her hunger into silence.

"You haven't chased me away yet," she said. "You could have killed me a long time ago if you wanted to."

He considers the weight of the words for a moment. "Yes," he said finally, "but so could you."

Everyone claps as the story ends, and say their goodbyes as the time comes for Havret and Leona to be on their way. A little boy rushes over to Havret and tugs on her blouse.


HAVRET:Hey! How are you?

The boy is shy, running back over to his momma and wrapping his arms around her legs. Havret walks over and squats down so that they're at eye level and gives the boy a friendly wave.

HAVRET: Don't be afraid I don't bite.

She beckons the boy over, and he giggles when she pulls him in for a hug.

BOY: Um..what happened to Ginger?

He just blurts it out and Havret freezes, his parents eyes open wide in shock and embarrassment and Leona takes a tentative step forward.

MOM: Alvio! We told you not to.

LEONA: CJ.....

Havret snaps out of her trance and straightens herself.

HAVRET: When toxic people don't want to see you happy, they go out of their way to spread their poison. And sometimes that's literal.

She flashes a smile and ruffles the boy's hair before turning and walking away, Leona close behind.


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:40 am


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold Today at 5:21 pm

The cameras are following Osiris here during this special event in London as he walks down the hallway.

ANGEL: Your hair is a mess.

OSIRIS: Man, shut up.

OSIRIS: Are those crumbs in your beard?

OSIRIS: Shut up.

ANGEL: And your socks are two different colors.

Osiris abruptly stops so that he can turn and look Angel in the eyes.

OSIRIS: First of all...

Angel fakes an annoyed sigh and puts his hands on his hips.

ANGEL: I hate when you do this.

Osiris stands there frozen with his finger in Angel’s face for almost a full minute.

OSIRIS: ...don’t hate on the socks. This is the future.

He turns and resumes walking as Angel calls out after him.

ANGEL: And second of all? WHAT’S SECOND?!

Osiris chuckles and turns a corner forcing Angel to start jogging after him. Osiris finds himself at the front door of the general manager’s office and he knocks loudly until the door swings open.

OSIRIS: You, what’s your face, we gotta talk about what happened the other day.

GM: Learning my name would be a good start if you want this conversation to go smoothly. And you know what my name is; it’s...

ANGEL: Brett Angel victim number 34. Or was it 39? I’ve lost count all these months later.

OSIRIS: Ignore him. What matters is that I’m tryna have little Osiris’ running around one day and I can’t be having people kicking me where the sun don’t shine and getting away with it. So I’m handling this the proper way, and asking for another shot at Glock so I can get some...redemption if you will.

GM: I’ll see what I can do.

And then the GM closes the door in their faces.

OSIRIS: Man, why’d I even bring you along? You just made things worse...and they weren’t even bad to start with.

ANGEL:What can I say? Maybe you’d have an easier time getting what you wanted if you were a rising star like me.

OSIRIS: Shut up.

ANGEL: Anyway, now that that’s done...I need a drink.

OSIRIS: You’re paying; I don’t make rising star money.


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

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