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Awoken Bloody Justice

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Awoken Bloody Justice  Empty Awoken Bloody Justice

Post by Bloody_justice on Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:54 pm

We zoom in on the Fusion arena people were talking waiting for the show to get underway but then the lights went out many people screamed and some gasped in shocked after a few moments a laugh was heard through out the arena and the words I WILL DELETE YOU rung out many people thought it was going to be Jeff Hardy but people gasped when they saw a stranger wearing a mask looking alot like Scarecrow from bat man and when the individual made into the ring and started to do a chopping motion and screamed delete multiple times he finally asked for a mic

YEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSS Ladies a gentlemen I have Finally returned to you my spiderlings! They 7 acient spider deities have finally awoken me fully! If you have not guessed yet it is I BLOODY JUSTICE! and this season i am new and improved for DELETION! YEEEEEEAAASSSS I have the Spiders descent (Urinagi) and the sisters joy(siter Abigail) not only that but i have a secret lets just call it the spiders poison for now. Anywho theres certain titles i want and this year i will retain them! And if not my eyes are on the loom and gloom knox for his championship! Either way someine will end up DELETED! DELETE DELETE DELETE!

As the now identified Bloody Justice chants delete some of the crowed booed while others cheered and chanted delete with him so he rolled out of the ring and goes back stage
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