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The French Superman

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The French Superman

Post by "The Mad Oyster" Hardline on Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:50 pm

As Unmatched 101 comes back from commercial break, the audience are taken to the door of the local medic, followed by an interviewer waiting outside. The door opens, but it is not Aldrich who walks out, instead it is one Gordon Freeman, the manager of Aldrich.

Ok look, I know what you are going to ask. Yes Aldrich is perfectly fine. No, he did not lose, if anything that Rage guy should've been removed from the hold, because we all saw him jamming his fingers into Aldrich's eye sockets which were already a bloodbath at the time, so listen here "Rage", you count yourself lucky, because next time it won't be Aldrich lying in a pool of his own blood, it will be you. It shouldn't be Jamal vs Rage for the European title, it should be Jamal vs Aldrich for the European Title, Aldrich should be the one to take down the unstoppable Jamal, not anyone else. And yes, he will continue to eviscerate everyone on the roster, no matter who. Because you see, Aldrich hasn't been enjoying his time here to be blunt. He went last part of the season without a match, even though a lot of other new signings were getting spots left and right. I mean you got so called "veterans' from the other side of CMV, already being inserted into big time matches that will keep them in the main event scene. Now speaking from my own perspective here, none of these main event stars can beat Aldrich. Sunshine? Nope. Tops? Nope. Luger? Nope. Elijah? Nope. Marko? Nope. DSD? Nope. It doesn't matter who it is, no one can stop the French Superman.

Then out of nowhere, in what could only be a fit of rage the door is slammed open by Aldrich, who looks to have a couple stitches in his forehead, and he rushes offscreen followed by his manager.

"The Mad Oyster" Hardline
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