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A Mighty One and an Oddball

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A Mighty One and an Oddball Empty A Mighty One and an Oddball

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:53 am

*Riley Van Wilson is waling back and forth in a smokey room*

Riley Van Wilson-Undefeated, Small, Mighty, Women's Champion. I guess you know who I'm talking about. Ashley Rayne cashed in her Briefcase and became NGW women's champion. While this was going on we had a wild card tournament.

*Riley Van Wilson now sits cross legged in the middle of the room and snaps her fingers, the lights make the room turn white, she practically blends in with the walls, that's how white she is*

Riley Van Wilson-We had a wild card tournament that was won by a Misfit, an Oddball, an Outsider. She won this whole tournament and now she's #1 contender for the NGW Women's Championship. I'm here not to show disrespect or agony upon Rami Young. I'm just here to send a message to Rami and Ashley.

*Riley Van Wilson rolls over and takes a kneeling position and the camera gets close to her face*

Riley Van Wilson-Whoever wins out of you two, just know that there is a fighter lurking in the shadows and will not hesitate to fight you one on one if it means that I can become NGW Women's Champion.

*Riley Van Wilson is now standing*

Riley Van Wilson-I'll do whatever it takes to stand tall with that NGW women's championship i spraw, aby Polska była dumna ze swojego wojownika (and make Poland proud of its warrior).

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