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Post by Batman on Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:33 am

As Fusion continues, we see our Undisputed Champion backstage, pacing back and forth on the phone.

Andrew Briggs
Come on, pick up Ted.

He looks down at his phone as Ted's voicemail message blares from its speakers.

Andrew Briggs
What is he-

He then turns to see a backstage employee walking up to him.

Uh, Mr. Briggs, you might wanna see this...

Andrew tilts his head, worried about the tone of his voice as he follows him down the hall. They finally reach the desired destination and Andrew's jaw drops. He looks on to see a crowd of people aiding his manager who's on the ground, blood pouring from his forehead.

Andrew Briggs
What happened!!??

He runs over and kneels down by the unconscious Ted.

Andrew Briggs
Somebody tell me, who did this??

He then hears his phone ringing. He glances at it but doesn't intend on picking it up, until he realizes, the call is coming from Ted's phone. He allows the medical staff to do their job as he walks off to the side and picks up the phone.

PJ Moon (on the phone)
You know it had to happen.

Andrew Briggs

PJ Moon (on the phone)
I seen how you beat Hayden. You know how it has to be.

Andrew Briggs
I'm gonna break you.

PJ Moon (on the phone)
You stole my line.

And with that, he hangs up. Briggs looks at his phone before tossing it across the room. He watches as they stretcher Dickens out. As the time grows closer, things become so much more clear to him. Moon has put everything on the line. This is Briggs' toughest challenge yet.


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