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The End of The Misfits

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The End of The Misfits Empty The End of The Misfits

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:29 pm

*Rami Young just lost her match to Ashley Rayne and Joseph and Tenra come out to comfort her*

Joseph Santos-You did good Rami.

*They all walk up the ramp while the crowd cheer, they all take a bow then Joseph Santos low blows Tenra, the crowd erupt into boos and Joseph starts stomping Tenra and punching him over and over, security comes to get Santos but then he picks up Tenra*

Joseph Santos-The Misfits huh? Misfit this bitch.

*Joseph Santos hits him with The Florida Flatliner then Joseph puts his arm around Rami and they walk to the back*

Joseph Santos
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