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CAW BIO: Angelica Jones

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CAW BIO: Angelica Jones

Post by Maurie on Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:07 pm

Ring Name: Angelica Jones
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Height: 5'6
Age: 24
Motto: "With a Purpose"
Personality/Gimmick: Respectful outside of ring but aggressive inside the ring.

Ring Info
Fighting Style: Brawling and Acrobatic
Status: Face
Tag Team: None
Enemies: N/A
Allies: N/A
Signatures: Corner Enzuiguri 2 & Enzuiguri 5
Finishers: Snapmare Driver(With a Purpose) & Lie Detector(Last Hope)


When Angelica was 16 years old her twin sister, Daina, was brutally beaten by her ex-boyfriend. The beating caused major damge to her sister that lead to her Daina to die. Before Daina died she gave her sister a final request, "Whatever you do, do it with a purpose." After seeing Daina die, Angelica started a life of crime as she dropped out of school and would resorrt to theft. Once she realised the huge loss needed to be avenged she almost went after her sisters' ex in jail. Instead she was stopped and arrested for attempt at murder. When she finally was out of jail after serving years she tried to clean up her act, but she still felt like there was a hole left in her life. Angelica remembered her sisters' dying words, "Whatever you do, do it with a purpose" so Angelica then made sure to continue on with that promise. She tried finding may different careers and then she reaised that she needed to release that inner rage from what her sisters' ex had done. Angelica always had a hobby of punching things and using her anger in a violent way. She then tried for Mixed Martial Arts where she failed badly and even recieved a broken nose and concussion. She eventually recovered butcouldn't find a sport that was centered around violence and strategy. She then saw a billboard for CMV. She began training again and finally made her name known on the independent circuit. Now in the list of potential CMV stars.

Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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