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I Will Make You Beg

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I Will Make You Beg Empty I Will Make You Beg

Post by Solaris Arc on Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:34 am

Genesis slowly faded from black, to a shot of Dashing sitting at his announce table. He gave a small, lifting up and waving his hand.

WHAT IS UP, GUYS! Dashing here, bringing you another amazing episode of Genesis. We hope to kick off this next season the RIGHT way and give you a possible look at what is to come at the beginning of this new season. But for now, LETS GET TO THE AC-

Thanks for interrupting me....
Well, it wouldn't feel right if the champ didn't start the show.

Josh Wolf slowly stepped onto stage, the Alpha World Championship wrapped around his waist. He looked out at the cheering crowd, singing along with his theme. He reached back and unhooked the leather strap, raising it up above his head.

After a few seconds, he set the belt across his shoulder and instead raised a mic, which was hidden in his pocket, to his lips.

Josh Wolf
Ladies and Gentlemen... Welcome to Genesis... And Welcome to another season of CMV!

The fans cheered out with a "CMV" chant.

That's what I wanna hear. Now, it's been a while and many of you are eager for action, but I need to spend this opening moment getting a few things off my chest.

As you all know, Pat LaFave is our new General Manager, which isn't exactly a shocker... Whether he won or lost at Anarchy Rules, I had a gut feeling he would rear his head into that spot.

Now, I'm a Darwinist... So I won't have any complaints. Pat acheived his position because he was tough enough to fight for it... And Pat, I know you're back there and you're listening to every word I have to say, so I decided to get the one compliment out of the way and get to the meat of the situation.

Wolf pointed at the Titantron, which flashed a picture of three matches, all of which had Wolf going up against immeasurable odds. Matches that he clearly wasn't destined to win without some kind of strategy. And even with strategy, Wolf would clearly not come out unscathed.

You see Pat... A match against Mills probably would've been enough to "teach me a lesson"... At least in your sick mind. But instead, you got me in two more matches...

But, I'm not going to complain... I crave a competition, so I will accept everything you throw at me... Hell, you can do this every single day until I have my match with Paul, which we'll get to in a minute.

Wolf raised the championship once more.

So, Pat. Throw everything you have at me... In the end, I will do the to you exactly what I did last year, when I kicked your sorry ass out of CMV... I will tear you down. And I will make you beg for mercy at. My. God. Damn. Feet.

For a second, it felt like Wolf was back to his ways a few months ago. It felt like Fenrir had taken back over, which worried many within the crowd. However, Josh took in a deep breath and sighed.

Onto Paul...

You don't know how long I've been waiting for a match like this... I've taken down almost every legend in this business except for three people.

Luger, Tim, and You.

Those other two men, I'll worry about another day... Right now I want to focus on you, Paul.

Josh slowly paced back and forth on the stage.

I have no reason to hate you... In fact, you're a swell person who I've been hoping to have a chance to prove myself against... Especially now that I have the Alpha World Championship. It makes this match WORTH something...

However, you and I are currently almost even in terms of who we have conquered to get here.

Ryan Kent
Chris Andrews

You and I have beaten the best this company has to offer... But now its between you and me. So I only want you to do one thing for me Paul... One Simple Thing.

Bring your best. Because I sure as Hell will.

And with that, Wolf dropped his mic and went to the back. It was time for him to get ready for his matches. And he was going to need every second he had to prepare.


Josh Wolf:
CMV Alpha World Champion (1x)
CMV World Tag Team Champion (1x)
Inaugural Rising Star Champion (2x)

Harvey Hastings:
CMV Undisputed World Champion (1x)
US Champion (2x)

Amy Winters:
Women's IC Champion (2x)
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