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Next Sunday is the fourth annual CMV Tag Team Cup LIVE from Tokyo, Japan! What BONUS match would you like to see at the event?

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CMV Ferocity Ep.76 #397

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CMV Ferocity Ep.76 #397

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Fri Nov 30, 2018 6:38 am

CMV Ferocity Ep.76 Matchcard:

PPV Card So Far:

Amber Briggs Vs Kristen Page
Danger Close Vs The Establishment-
Megan Cooper Vs Fury-
Tiffany Razor  Vs Ashleigh Infinitee-
Diabla Vs Riley Torres -
Alice Blake Vs Lexin Damjen-
Malevolence Vs Wilson & Lucid-
Fourway 1-
Fourway 2-
(Confirmed Partipcants: Alyssa Bond/Reice LeMaster/Jayda Storm/Aerora/Zynda)
Skarzemis Vs Winters-
Victoria Xtreme Vs ???-
Ferocity Card :

Malevolence Vs Stars And Stripes (Non-Title)

Riley Dixon Vs Amy Winters

Amy Vs Danielle Davis

Vanessa Morgan Vs Reice LeMaster Vs Casey Wilson Vs Aerora (Fatal Fourway Elimination)

Jayda Storm Vs Alyssa Bond

Alice Blake Vs Ashleigh Infinitee Vs Lexin Damgen Vs Tiffany Razor (Fatal Fourway)

Cassie Maverick Vs Jade Dynamite (2/3 Falls)

Amber Briggs Vs Ally Cage (Non-Title)



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Midcard Playboy

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Re: CMV Ferocity Ep.76 #397

Post by Rage on Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:45 pm

That Co-Main Event Match came outta nowhere. Wasn't expecting that. On PPV probably but not on Ferocity. Thanks I guess?

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Main Event Star!

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