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CAW BIO: "Bad Boy" Bill Wylde

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CAW BIO: "Bad Boy" Bill Wylde Empty CAW BIO: "Bad Boy" Bill Wylde

Post by Master Ogon on Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:56 pm

Name: “Bad Boy” Bill Wylde
Nicknames: “The Bad Boy” “Scum”
Birth Date: 3/13/1985
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 320
Alignment: Heel
Fighting Style: Meaty Hardcore Brawler

If I had to pick one term to sum up the entire character of Bill, It’d be hard-headed. No matter what angle you look at him from, he’s realistic to who he is as a person. The true nature of his personality isn’t being suppressed at all, even if his personality is often described as brutish or as brash. There’s no reason to put on some act, if people hate him then they hate him. How other people feel about Bill is at the bottom of his list of priorities, he’s just living his life how he wants even if it causes suffering to other people.

Speaking of the way he lives his life, it’s not really pleasant or one that’s usual for a professional wrestler. Bill doesn’t work out and strive to better himself every day, the dude just depends on his size and “advanced wrestling maneuvers” aka his cheeky way of saying he cheats when he has the opportunity to. He doesn’t make sure to say stuff that doesn’t offend anyone, his lips just say whatever’s on his mind without him even knowing sometimes. The controversy his words cause doesn’t create cash either, it creates forced public apologies. He sleeps in his car and is the KING of backyard wrestling because other federations don’t want to give him an opportunity, and it’s not difficult to see why. He’s a veteran but never wrestled for more than 100 dollars due to how negative his impact was on other talents. Sometimes he’d maybe get signed, but then he’d somehow get released almost instantly due to issues caused by him backstage. Yet he often says he’s a business genius that’s just trying to make money…

He’s basically no better than that stereotype jock bully you’d see in movies, but he’s not even athletic like many of those characters. In and out of his matches, he enjoys hurting people really bad. Why? Because he’s inserting dominance over them, and the more he makes them hurt the more people will pay attention to himself. He tries to make himself some sort of draw in his own odd way.

Just try to avoid him and his disgusting remarks.

All that’s really known is that he was ill-bred since a very young age and he was always considered scum. Eventually, when he was 16 or so, he started doing hardcore wrestling for quick cash and enjoyment. He’s not married and his family is another thing that’s mostly surrounded in mystery.

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