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We'll leave it that...

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We'll leave it that...

Post by El Guerrero Furioso on Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:54 pm

*Opening of Thursday Night Genesis begins as none other than Jay Davis comes out, in his everyday attire and a mic, getting ready to hype up the crowd. The crowd starts cheering for Jay as he walks into the ring, getting ready to speak*

“So there’s a few questions that I can answer right off the spot. Question #1; why the Pink Shirt? Well, I like A Day To Remember and Pacman, so of course I’m gonna wear this Shirt right here. And Question #2; what was my surprise? Because we all know that me coming back wasn’t the surprise. You think I would waste my surprise return on Zack Cage? Hell no. I’d rather have Nailz come back and beat me to a pulp. But that’s not the Surprise. While we were out in the UK, some men that I ran into when I was there signing autographs wanted me to see this “weapon” they had. When I saw it, I can’t lie guys…..I kind of cried. In a good way. But anyway, this weapon was a bigger threat to this business than Joey Bacon. Or Marko Punish. This weapon is the Russian Monster, Guri Sukanov!!”

*The Russian Anthem comes on as the Monster of a man, Guri Sukanov, comes down to the ring with a mic. He get’s in the ring as stands right in Davis’ face. He then motions a punch, sending Jay back abit, blocking the fake out punch. Guri then laughs at Jay as the crowd then cheers and laughs at the same time*

“HAHAHA! I got you so good! Jay, it privilege to be up here vith you and in Genesis, much alone CMV. I here to show you and rest of vorld zat Russians are strongest in wrestling. I don't know who zis John Bateman person is, but it seems he number one on Russian Hitlist. And I vill be giving him full experience.”

*As Guri says that, Jay then cuts in after Guri’s speech*

“And all in all, I will personally give you the mentorship of Jay Davis. Aka, I’m going to be your manager. ‘Cause since I’ve changed a new leaf, I have been thinking of doing double duty around here. And what better way to do so, then to become a Manager/Wrestler. I mean, it’s probably gonna be the most fun I’ve had in awhile. But, Guri, we got to get ready so I’ll see you later and I hope you have a fantastic hour and a half.”

*Jay then walks around Guri and walks out of the ring going to the back and leaving Guri in the ring.*


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