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Post by TehGamerTribe on Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:15 pm

On October 8th, 2019 a video was uploaded to the CMV website. As we click play we see a familiar sight. A field stretching far and wide all the way to the currently setting sun. We look at the sun for maybe 4-5 seconds before we tilt down towards a metal shack. It's clear now that we are in a familiar place. Knowing where we are means that we can safely walk in the shack and enter a little opening in the floor below. When we drop down to the underground section it looks almost completely unrecognizable. The hallway from before is no longer a highway, the room now a box shape. The only thing remaining from the original room are the segmented lights adjacent to each other. Now in every side of the room one of those old fashioned T.Vs is in an indent. All stuck on static. This is our sight for just a moment as the lights shut off and the T.V that we're facing turns on and shows Gary Reid breaking the arm of Twisted. The one to our right shows Reid destroying another man's arm. The third however shows his loss in the finals of the returning NGW Tournament. And the final one showing his loss in the NGW Call Up Battle Royal. We then watch all the screens turn off and back on to see the face of Gary Reid he stares through the screen as if he can see you.

Gary Reid
What you see before you is a compilation of what I was and what I am now. Before I was a dominant, career ending threat to the entire NGW Roster. And then…..You got behind me, you gave me a false sense of safety. And for some reason I could never understand. I was ending the livelihood of people, their dreams, being crushed along with their spirits. I was doing terrible things and you kept cheering. And it made me realize that if I stopped doing what I was doing, and I followed the applause and cheers it wouldn't end well.

He closes his eyes and exhales deeply as his eyes open once more we can see a flame with a few sparks flying in his pupil. He continues to speak.

Gary Reid
It became evident that what you people wanted to see me succeed it wasn't helping. That's evident with how my finals match went. And even after that, I let it get to my head. That call was my chance. And I thought, maybe if I got someone behind me then I would have a better chance of winning. So, I faked that entire speech about Walter being my "Best Friend". Do you really think someone like me needs a friend? We share the same goals, a common meeting ground. Abusing the weak and stalking prey. Our animalistic instincts are what drove us as a team. Not our friendship.

The flame in his eyes grows along with a sound that wasn't heard before. Crackles now fill your ears until it's almost impossible to hear at all.
Gary Reid

When you turn around as Gary instructed you see a huge blazing fire, sparks nearly hitting your arms. While you step away from the fire it begins to change its appearance. It's now changing into a face, looking straight at you. Two flaming nostrils just above a huge mouth bulging from the face. It's creating a dragon. Right as you notice the dragon opens its mouth and breathes fire at you and it engulfs your vision until everything goes black.  

Rob Cross:
Former Fusion Tag Team Champion (With Chris Diamond)
Former Light Heavyweight Champion

Gary Reid
Runner Up In The Return NGW Championship Tournament
Member Of The Arm Bar Society (With Walter Bolek)


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