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Sully explains all

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Sully explains all Empty Sully explains all

Post by KrisSully on Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:13 pm

*The Oct 29th episode of Fusion opens to a video package from Kris Sullivan*

*Sully sits hunched and stern-faced on a chair in the middle of a bland empty room flanked by Barron Blade*

Sully: So I think I need to clear up some information. When I left before the break, I left to find myself, to find out what I needed to put my mark on CMV history. And suffice to say, when I came back, nothing had changed. I didn't find anything... Except for this man here, Blade. But now, after losing to Hoxton, I realize that I need something else. Something I lacked... Aggression. Which is why, right here right now, I'm calling my shot for Retaliation. I'll face half the damn roster if I have to, but I won't be patient anymore, I will get a championship match. Or it'll be... Anarchy.

*The video fades to black with Sully stern as a stone stares into the camera Blade watching from over his shoulder.*

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