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Once A Friend. Always A Friend

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Once A Friend. Always A Friend Empty Once A Friend. Always A Friend

Post by TehGamerTribe on Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:10 pm

A Team.
A Stable.
A Partnership.
A Friend.

The last of those, couldn't be more true for the Arm Bar Society's, The American Dragon, Gary Reid.

As we begin we notice the dim light of a box T.V illuminating in what seems to be the corner of the dark room. Slight static, with no noise. Oddly quiet. Odd. Seconds pass until we see a light flicker in the parallel corner to the T.V. Clearly on a repeating pattern. But, it's when we see the light that the T.V begins showing a blurred image of what looks to be a fire, in… in a field. But just as we look at the T.V again the light blasts on, and lights up the whole room, and then, we see the T.V fully working, clear image. We then begin to zoom in on the T.V, the fire begins to dim, slowly simmering out of existence. Then, we see Him...

“I feel like I need to say something... Something more than a few words and spacings...A goodbye of sorts to… my… only friend…

He struggles to get the words out of his mouth, almost choking up. While we see the fire explode back into flames, he continues.

A friend that picked me up in my darkest times, when I was at my lowest, no one to talk too, no one too have my back. Back when I didn't know where to go then, he was their. And I want to thank him for that, more than a “thank you” is needed though. Walter, you've given me what I never knew I needed. and for that, I must say, I love you.

He chuckles a slight bit, scratching his temple now realizing what he's said. The fire still blazing out of control. But then continues.

Aha, no, not like that. But as a brother, as a family member. Thank you. But like I said, more of that is needed, so, what you saw before I began to speak was a visual representation of my career here in CMV. I'm the T.V, flickering in and out without making a single noise, similar to how I was previous to going to NGW, not doing much, just, on. But then, we have the light. Now, flickering as well, however waaaay more noticeable, clearly able to shine to its brightest, that represents Walter, cause as soon as he would take me in he was able to bring me into the limelight. Finally able to show my true potential as he already had. But the truth is, he never needed me, in fact, I held him back, you can see from getting those 7 Eliminations in the call up battle royal, he's he's a staple of Fusion, he competed in an Elimination Chamber on his first PPV for Fusion. I held him back, and now, he's shown us all that it's nothing more than a true statement.

Gary lifts his hood over his head and as he begins to whisper something. We see something drip down and hit the ground with a slight splash. With a sniffle, he continues.

Walter, you've motivated me to become better than what I was before, I appreciate everything you've done for me. And that's why with heavy heart I must say, goodbye.

The fire once again dims out as he wipes his hooded face, we hear the roar of the Dragon and the camera fades to black.

Rob Cross:
Former Fusion Tag Team Champion (With Chris Diamond)
Former Light Heavyweight Champion

Gary Reid
Runner Up In The Return NGW Championship Tournament
Member Of The Arm Bar Society (With Walter Bolek)


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Once A Friend. Always A Friend Empty Re: Once A Friend. Always A Friend

Post by krzy on Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:21 pm

Happy you reposted this cause the other font was really hard to read. I really enjoyed this, your descriptive writing is top notch

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