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Ashley Kelly Promo

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Ashley Kelly Promo

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:18 pm

*Interviewer approaches Ashley Kelly*

Interviewer: Hello Ashley, Let me commen.......

*Ashley Snatches Mic*

Ashley: Who The fuck does she think she is?! Cassie Maverick. Generic and Plain Cassie Maverick. Some how shes Champ?
But Im telling you this now, I fight Cassie for that prestigious CMV Womens Intercontinental Championship tommorow night on
Insanity and Im telling you this. Im bringing my A Game and I am going to shock CMV and become the NEW CMV
WOMENS INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! Cassie I will see you tommorow, Get Ready for a Fucking Beating from The Queen
herself Ashley Kelly, Now Scurry

*Ashley drops the mic and struts away from the Interview Area*


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