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Post by krzy on Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:26 pm

When Ashley’s Rayne theme hits, her real theme, it almost doesn’t feel real.

The crowd can’t decide how to react. It’s not until she steps onto the stage that their worry’s really her! The cheers are deafening now as weeks of pent-up emotions come pouring out. What happened weeks ago wasn’t a fluke, or some sick trick by Val—Ashley Rayne has broken free, and no one is happier about it than she is.

Not a single soul is sitting down. You look one way you’ll see “Welcome Home, Ashley!” signs sprinkled throughout the building. Turn another way and you’ll be hard-pressed not to see her fans wearing her new shirt (now available on!).

There’s a spring in her step and a smile on her face as Rayne slaps a couple of high fives on her way down the ramp, as bubbly as she’s ever been. She spots a young girl with tears in her eyes wearing an old “Small but Mighty” shirt. Rayne reaches over the barricade and gives the child a tight hug and whispers reassuring words into her ear.

When Rayne lets go, the girl has a huge grin on her face and a lasting memory of meeting a hero that nobody can ever take from her.

Rayne slides into ring where she poses on the middle rope sparking another thunderous round of cheers and applause. She’s handed a microphone, but the incredible reception has left her overcome with emotion. Even when she takes a few seconds to compose herself, you can hear that emotion in her voice when she speaks.

Ashley Rayne
It feels so good to be back out here with all of you! It’s been a while since I’ve truly been myself in an NGW ring… so much so I forgot what made this place so special to me in the first place…

Her voice trails off as her emotions threatens to overwhelm her again. The crowd is unrelenting, breaking into a chant of “Welcome home!” There was a point where they never thought they’d see the real Ashley Rayne again. Now that they have her back, these fans seem determined to savor every second of this.

Ashley Rayne
Look... I know I’ve done some terrible terrible things the past couple of weeks... I had to fight friends, turn my back against you guys, and go against who I am as a person. It didn’t feel good at all... it was the most dark and isolating thing I’ve ever experienced. A part of me still is scarred from what happened... yeah I remember everything. I felt so alone and I was almost at the brink of just giving up...ya know maybe... Val is right... maybe this is what I am now. I can’t begin to imagine what it must’ve been like for my family and friends also you guys, not hearing anything from me at all. Physically and mentally I was being pulled in directions I didn’t want to go in...but...but... something deep down kept me fighting back from Val’s control . That thing was my love for professional wrestling, my family, and for you what did I do? I swept the rug out from under Val’s feet because—

Loud crackling hits the speakers as static engulfs the titantron. While all eyes are on the big screen, they almost miss how green smoke slowly fills the ringside area until it’s about the height of the ring apron. The static clears to reveal a seated Tailcoat Val flanked by the Gals. The plague doctor mask conceals her facial expression, but her annoyance and frustration color the tone of her voice.

Tailcoat Val
I made you the face of a groundbreaking experiment and now your ego and selfishness threaten to undo my work. I saved you. After the mystique of your winning streak was crushed and your championship reign came to an unceremonious end, your popularity plateaued. This company was ready to move on to the next pretty face and adorable catchphrase until I came to your rescue. Today, there is not a single person in this company who these fans love and adore and empathize with more than you. That’s because of me. My experiment benefited everyone, and if it came at a personal sacrifice to you, then so be it. Your rebellion was a variable I accounted for. All will be forgiven if you return to my side, V-002.

Ashley Rayne

The burst of anger catches everyone off guard, but they love it! In contrast, Val rips off her mask, red-hot fury in her eyes.

Tailcoat Val

Ashley Rayne

Rayne’s even louder this time--her defiance like a magical sweeping wind that brings rain to the desert, food to the hungry and everlasting joy to Gumble’s heart. Meanwhile, you can almost hear the grinding of Val’s teeth as she clenches her jaw tightly.

Tailcoat Val
It shouldn’t have come to this. Betrayal can be forgiven, but it can’t go unpunished.

Rayne laughs away Val’s threat, finding unwavering confidence in the knowledge that Val won’t have control of her ever again.

Ashley Rayne
And it’s gonna take a lot more than mind games to take me down this time... I’m Ashley Rayne the small but mighty one and I’m not going anywhere this time.

She drops the microphone and stands proud, locking eyes with Val until the screen goes black. As NGW fades into a commercial break, Rayne hops out of the ring to resume her celebration with the people. This is her grand return to the show, and not even Val can spoil this moment for her.

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